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Bayer’s Insecticide Regent Rural Promotion in Western UP


Western UP is a sugarcane growing belt of the country and hence a lucrative insecticide market. However, counterfeits have become a big problem for all the major players.

Bayer Crop Science is one of the biggest players in the insecticides industry and hence wanted to overcome the issue of counterfeiting of its products that it was facing.

Rural Promotion Strategy

To address the issue, Ascent came up with the concept of “Sach ki Adalat.”

The main idea in designing this concept was to educate farmers about identifying the trust seal in the original Bayer products. The activity, with a unique setup, educated the farmers about the mannerism in which an original product could be identified.

The activity was designed into 2 phases:

  • “Kya Hai Sach” – the qualifier round
  • “Sach Ki Adalat” – the main engagement

Concept and Activity Concept

“Kya Hai Sach”

Once the setup was done, a considerable crowd gathered, and the participants were asked to strike the force machine with a hammer—the person whose strike registers maximum force qualified for the next round.

“Sach Ki Adalat”

An innovative setup of a courtroom was made on the van. The participating farmers were asked a few questions about the features of an original reagent, which were judged as true or false. 

The user of the original Bayer reagent wins over the farmer using counterfeit.

After this round, our anchor, dressed as a lawyer, explains the entire procedure of identifying the original reagent. 

Finally, the participants were gratified.


The activity happened in the sugarcane-rich Muzaffarnagar, Saharanpur, Meerut, Bulandshahr & Moradabad districts of Uttar Pradesh

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