Ankur Roofing Rural Activation in Haryana


Ankur, the company’s premier brand for fibre cement pipes and corrugated cement roofing sheets, is well-regarded in the marketplace for its high quality. There are 600+ dealers in the nearby states of Bihar, Gujarat, MP, Punjab, and Haryana, and more than 450 dealers in Rajasthan, where it is sold. Under the brand names Ankur Spectra, Ankur Mahashakti, Ankur Shakti, and Ankur Unnati, the company has introduced a variety of high-quality Metal Roofing Sheets in rural areas to capitalize on the brand’s popularity.


  • Showcasing the product’s attributes and strengths
  • Brand awareness and lead generation

The Idea

We got the mandate of Ankur Cement Roofing sheets for Haryana, where we had to target rural households and communicate the features of the product interestingly.


We came up with the idea of ‘Kisme Kitna Hai Dum’ to showcase and demonstrate the product’s attributes and strengths. For this, we set up one van.

We conceptualized the campaign in a way that becomes super easy for people to understand the message and relate to the product.


We coined the idea of an engagement game where contestants would play the game by punching on the platform to show their strength of punch so that the power needle goes up from the bottom.


Whosoever punches heavily to take the needle on top gets declared as the winner.

Other Activities

Mobile Marketing – We roped in mobile marketing, too, by sending Voice OBD and text messages to the targeted geographies targeting farmers, cattle sheds, dairy parlours, rural residents, etc.



Activity days


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Total villages covered


Leads generated


Total no. of activity


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