Aavas Home Loan Rural Campaign in Rajasthan

Client: Aavas Financiers
Product Category: Home loan
Target Markets: RJ
Coverage: Jaipur area
Activity Days: 30 days
Media Deployment: Branding with Van, Engagement Game, Leaflets, Posters, etc.

About Aavas Financiers

AAVAS FINANCIERS LIMITED (Formerly known as “Au HOUSING FINANCE LIMITED”) was initially incorporated as a private limited company in Jaipur, Rajasthan, under the name of “Au Housing Finance Private Limited” on February 23, 2011. The company got registered with the National Housing Bank (a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of India) as a Housing Finance Company (HFC). It was awarded the National Housing Bank (NHB) license in August 2011. It formally started its operations in March 2012. Subsequently, the company’s name was changed to “Au Housing Finance Limited” due to its conversion from a private company to a public company on January 10, 2013. 

In March 2017, the name of the company was changed from “Au HOUSING FINANCE LIMITED” to “AAVAS FINANCIERS LIMITED” (AAVAS) vide fresh Certificate of Incorporation (COI) dated March 29, 2017. AAVAS provides housing loans, primarily in the un-served, unreached, and under-served market, which includes the States of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh, and Delhi.

Introduction of the Campaign

Aavas Financier engaged us by giving a brief to target salaried, self-employed people like auto drivers, etc., for the home loan product. The USPs to be shared with TG about the products are:

  • Easy process
  • Less paperwork
  • Transparency
  • Low-interest rates
  • Fast process for loan approval

We designed a BTL campaign which is an attempt made to reach out to the target groups in the markets of Rajasthan. This promotional campaign lasted 30 days and focused on the targeted branch location and nearby villages.



The objective of the communication strategy was “Home Loan he aasan ab sabke liye.”

  • To target a specific group with an analytical and result-based communication campaign, which pipelines their future activities and brings them qualitative leads
  • To create high buzz and visibility for the brand
  • To educate them about hassle-free documentation


Following the location identification, we set up one van for engagement purposes, as a roaming van through the target areas fosters audience curiosity. Aside from providing maximum visibility, the van announcement enabled us to contact the client’s target audience directly.

Invitations were distributed to the TG group to invite them to the Avaas van to participate in the engagement game ‘Bhagya ka Khel’ and win rewards.

Posters were applied, and leaflets were distributed to the TG for more information about the services while doing the activity.

One-to-one connect, market connect, and shop connect were also done for effective engagement.

Rural influencer marketing

Following these activities, Miss call and Enquiry generation activity was also included.

Communication Strategy

The goals of the communication strategy were “Home Loan He Aasan and Sabke Liye.” We produced a misscall jingle for the campaign that elegantly illustrated how purchasing a home is no longer a pipe dream but a straightforward process with Aavas.

Engagement Game

We also used the Engagement Game Strategy “Home Loan Nahi bhagya ka Khel” to engage the TG.  The game was designed in such a way that it can connect with people’s pain areas and address those problems with a solution of Aavas home loan, which is a hassle-free process without a complicated document process. 

Freebies were distributed among the winners of the game.


With the help of the engagement game, TG understood the product’s features. They also understood the edge of the brand’s offering over their competitors. It generated a good number of qualitative leads, which was used by the branch offices of the respective areas for further conversion.


Total villages covered


Kms travelled


Total leads generated

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