Social Media Marketing for a Cattle Feed Brand ‘Milklane’

About Milklane

MilkLane is the first industrial-scale collection and distribution platform for high-quality milk. With an idea to bring world-class quality and superior milk products to Indian homes, they started focusing on the consistent quality of milk safe from toxins and antibiotics with no adulterants and preservatives. With this idea, they have product catalogs, i.e., high-quality UHT milk and MilkLane curd.


The “MilkLane Aayush” cattle feed is made from best-in-class ingredients to give the cattle the required nutrition. The team of in-house expert animal nutritionists ensures that every batch of feed that reaches the customers meets the promise of high-quality essential nutrients like true protein, vitamins, and minerals. It has three variants: Aayush Rich, Aayush Max, and Aayush Super.

Benefits of the product

  • Improves quality and quantity of milk, leading to higher income

  • Improves the health of the cattle, thus reducing medical expenses

  • Optimizes reproductive efficiency of the cow, leading to one calf every year

  • Value for money pricing

  • Added services and customer support

Challenges Faced

  • Customer Inertia – insufficient Brand Awareness

  • Inadequate brand presence in digital media

  • Unable to make the regional target audience aware of the USP of the product

  • Unable to create a social media presence

  • Faced difficulties in developing strong influencer reachability, B2B connection, and B2C connection



Target Area

Rural markets of –


  • Tamil Nadu

  • Maharashtra

  • Karnataka

Target Audience

  • B2C Buyers like Small scale shop owners, dairy farmers, animal husbandry, and livestock rearers in rural areas

  • B2B Buyers owning a dairy business, dealers, and distributors

  • Influencers such as people in rural as well as in urban where word of mouth is a primary factor in the branding of the product

Marketing objectives


  • To reach the mass and generate leads

  • Building Brand by improving Online Presence

  • Increase in Brand Awareness in a selected geography

  • Increase in Social Media Engagement

  • Increase in B2B Connection, B2C Connection

  • Enhancing Online Visibility by sharing USPs of the product

An Integrated Approach

Ascent used both social media market marketing and online messaging services using Whatsapp.

Strategic Posts for Promoting Product USPs

Targeting Audience through Vernacular Content Strategy

Strategic Special Day Posts for Better Audience Engagement

We handled the campaign for a few months and were able to successfully drive traffic to their website and generate traction on their Facebook page in a short time. To increase brand visibility in the three states mentioned above, we used a systematic vernacular content strategy. During the campaign, the frequency of engagement with existing leads increased threefold. The 35-44 age group, primarily male, participated heavily in customer engagement during the social media campaign.

We also used a call center team to engage with the target groups, efficiently handle their questions, and generate hot leads interested in the product. Furthermore, we engaged with the target groups using the existing database by organizing activities such as puzzles and games to raise awareness as part of the product promotion and campaign strategy.



Total Page Likes


Cumulative Post Reach


Total Impressions




Leads generated


Cumulative Ads Reach


Dealer Inquiries generated

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You can check out more case studies
of these services

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