Shriram Bioseed Digital Campaign in 5 States



Bioseed owns a vast pool of germplasm, among the richest in the world. The gene pool has sprouted one of the highest success rates in all of Asia. When expansion plans took root, Bioseed strengthened its operations in Vietnam and The Philippines and extended its coverage to Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, and China. 


Shiram Bioseed is one of a handful of biotechnology companies with expertise across the board: Research and development, field and lab testing, data review, production, farm management, and farmer interaction. 

Campaign Overview

Shriram Bioseed, in collaboration with Ascent brand communication, wanted to increase its brand awareness in the target market. We provided them with appropriate marketing strategies to achieve the objectives.


The campaign’s goal was to raise brand and product awareness, as well as brand recognition, to generate business leads. The aim was to increase target group interaction to broaden the company’s presence.


In the cluttered market of mustard seeds, we needed to create differentiation to stand out in the competition; therefore, we came up with a creative campaign, “Sone ki kheti munafe wali, har khet sona, har ghar khushhali,” which immediately attracted farmers.





We used two types of promotion platforms: Social media and mobile marketing.  


In Social Media Marketing, there were campaign series and awareness series. Each creative post designed was incredibly appealing carrying a message for the target audience.


Other than designing and posting creative awareness series, we also designed a cover image creative for their Facebook account.

In Mobile Marketing, farmers were instructed to make missed calls to the number listed in our social media posts. Our team collected their information and contacted them through telecommunications, SMS, and OBD systems. 


We needed to hit a broad farmer base in a short time, in which the OBD system came in handy.



Total impressions on facebook


Post Engagement


Total link clicks

1100 +


We completed the campaign within a limited time period (one month) and encouraged a large number of farmers to purchase the products. By our marketing strategy, we named our campaign creatively by which farmers got instantly connected, and we stood out in the competition. 


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