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Animal husbandry is a significant source of income for many farmers in India. The dairy industry has significantly strengthened India’s rural economy. It is acknowledged as a tool for bringing about socio-economic change. Moreover, dairying has enormous potential for increasing employment and reducing poverty. Farmers favor Calshakti as one of their preferred calcium brands. The marketed product, CALSHAKTI by Intas Pharmaceuticals Limited, is available as a ready-made suspension comprising vitamin-calcium sources.

Calshakti is an oral calcium supplement that helps fulfill dairy animals’ daily requirements. Calcium requirements vary with milk production to cater to different target markets. Calshakti offers four variants, namely- 

  • Calshakti – Single strength to fulfill the demand of low milk (up to 5 ltr) producing animals.
  • Calshakti DS – Double strength to fulfill the requirement of mid-range milk-producing 5-10 ltr.
  • Calshakti Platina – Chelated form to fulfill the demand of high milk (more than ten ltr) producing animals.
  • Calshakti SMART – Double strength powder form offers the convenience of use and affordable solution.

Brand Objectives

  • To reach end-users primarily
  • Generate leads 
  • Increasing brand awareness on social media
  • Enhancing brand popularity


  • Zero presence on social media 
  • Insufficient brand awareness

Target Customers

Prescribes: Veterinary Doctors and Para vets

End Customers: Farmers

Trade Channel: Retailer and Stockist


An Integrated Approach

  • Product promotion with strategic campaigns
  • Social media presence using Facebook Ads 

 When creating the content strategy, we carefully considered the target audience, weaving local communication—and that too in the local tongue. 

For Facebook advertising promoting Calshakti’s advantages, we created creatives. Additionally, a phone number was attached to each creative piece so that viewers may give missed calls. 

The brand’s objectives of raising brand recognition, improving its online reputation, and generating leads have all been accomplished. Our team’s efforts have been fantastic, yielding incredible results in just one month.




We had a great time working with the Calshakti brand, which appeals to farmers, shop owners, distributors, and veterinary professionals in rural areas. Our client was a little uncertain about whether going digital would be a good idea for their product category. But we began the journey by sharing statistical data on rural consumption and behavioral characteristics of farmers’ data consumption and time on social media. The response was positive when there were hundreds of thousands of post reactions, more than ten shares, and significant leads in just one month.

Results Achieved within 1 Month

1 L
post engagement
1 M
1 M
1 +
1 +
Post Reactions
1 +
missed calls
Page Likes Enhanced

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