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As a developing nation, India still has millions of residents without access to smartphones, living in places with spotty or nonexistent data connectivity, or simply not tech-savvy enough to make online purchases. Under the direction of the RBI and in collaboration with NSDL Payment Bank and NPCI, ToneTag, the largest soundwave-based communication network in the world, has launched a voice-based UPI platform called VoiceSe to contribute to this endeavor.



VoiceSe is a voice-based payment system. One can access this payment system from both feature phones and smartphones. Customers may now conduct straightforward banking transactions using their voice, even from a basic feature phone, putting a sizable portion of India’s feature phone users under the much-needed financial inclusion umbrella. Because VoiceSe is not internet-reliant, making payments even in places with poor or no data connectivity is easy. With money transfers, VoiceSe’s payment-to-merchant technology is also proximity-based, internet-free, and compatible with any merchant point of sale, smartphone, or other payment acceptance device. It also offers real-time payment acknowledgment.


  • Create brand awareness

  • Create brand engagement


Target Group

  • Less or uneducated educated feature phone users of UP, Bihar and MP

  • Less or uneducated smartphone users of UP, Bihar, and MP

Target Group on Facebook

  • Behaviors – Digital activities 

  • Work – Employers, Agriculture Business Owners, Farmers, Poultry Farming

  • Job Titles – Managers, Founders, Organic Farmers, General Farmers

  • Interests – Dairy Farming, Poultry Farming


Our Understanding

Looking at the VoiceSe feature of the service, we found that our client has immense potential to tap rural markets having feature phones. They wanted to explore digital transactions but were limited because of smartphone constraints. But looking at the rapid penetration of smartphones in rural areas, the probability increases of having at least one smartphone in the family, which allows sharing the content for consumption and sharing with peer groups through WhatsApp.

Our Suggestive Approach


We suggested an integrated approach combining digital marketing with mobile marketing using telecom data so that most feature phone users can be targeted too. Using a lead video with a humor touch for deeper communication in the regional language for a more significant impact and using short videos to promote different situations being addressed by VoiceSe as a solution was also suggested. To create a buzz around the service, we suggested roping rural influencers.




We designed creatives wherein we added lines in the local language to display the benefits of using VoiceSe and added feature phones to show how just with the feature phones, the target audiences can check their bank balance, transfer money, and make payments at retail stores in their language. Our creatives also included the number users can call to avail of the voice-based services.

Integrated Approach

The Big Idea and Munna Bhai Character 



VoiceSe’s voice feature is a unique and revolutionary idea. It is needed to connect with locals in their language, which they can easily connect with. Hence, Ascent suggested a humor plot video by incorporating imagery and the voice of Munna Bhai in his familiar desi voice and style. Ek Awaaj Se is a common saying in our daily language, which we use to reflect authority where all tasks are done by raising his voice.


Additionally, the famous dialogues of actors like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Mr. Shahrukh Khan, and Mr. Shatrughan Sinha were aligned with the features of VoiceSe.

Various creatives were designed to display the following features of VoiceSe :

Payments can be made without internet connection on any phone

Bank works can be done in own language

Money transfers made easy even with or without an internet connection

Shopping is hassle-free with digital payment

Know the account balance

Older people don't have to be dependent on others


Mobile Marketing


OBD reference audio for mobile was used wherein there was a 30-second story about the product to convince the target audience to take the call to action. Additionally, for feature phone users, text-based and OBD campaigns were run. Text messages like “DIGITAL PAYMENT KAREN KISI BHI PHONE SE,” DIGITAL PAYMENT KE LIYE JAROORI NAHI SMARTPHONE, and KHATE SE PAISA BHEJEN MOBILE SE BOLKAR” were sent including the line Adhik Jankari ke liye missed call Karen 8XXXXXXXXX.







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