Digital Marketing for Charminar Fortune Targeting Industries



In the domain of fiber cement roofing, Charminar has received super brand recognition for many consecutive years. As pioneers in building products, CHARMINAR FORTUNE’s new non-asbestos sheets are a forward-thinking move towards brand extension and growth. 


This revolutionary product will revolutionize the market and provide the much-needed eco-friendly roofing solution for both the Indian and global markets. Charminar Fortune is superior to metal sheets as it is more economical, corrosion-free, and three times more durable than metal sheets.


  • Positioning Charminar Fortune as a premium non-asbestos, eco-friendly, autoclaved roofing solution among the classes
  • Establishing Charminar fortune sheets are eco-friendly & better than metal sheets owing to their properties of – heat insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance, and high wind resistance (as metal sheets tend to fly off in case of storms & cyclones)
  • Highlighting the product USPs :-
    • Eco-friendly
    • Non-asbestos
    • Good Dimensional Stability
    • Sound Insulation
    • Better Availability
    • Excellent Fire Resistance
    • Light-weight
    • Autoclaved Product
    • High Impact Strength
    • Low Drying Shrinkage / Moisture Movement
    • Thermal Insulation
    • Termite Resistance

Target Audience Size

Job Seniority

  • CXO
  • VP
  • Owner
  • Partner

Job Function

  • Program and Project Management 
  • Quality Assurance
  • Research
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Administrative
  • Community and Social Services
  • Engineering, Military and Protective Services
  • Product Management
Company Industry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Civic & Social Organization
  • Architecture & Planning
  • Building Materials
  • Business Supplies & Equipment
  • Construction
  • Environmental Services
  • Management Consulting
  • Political Organization
  • Warehousing
  • Government Administration
  • Pharma, Warehousing
  • Oil refineries
  • Chemical, Plastic, and Textile Industries

Target Audience Profile


  • entral PSU & State-Level PSUs
  • Designation for above PSUs target Audience can be General Manager, DGM, Material, Civil, Projects, Operations and Engineers, Contractors, CPWD
  • Private sector preferably from Fertilizers, Chemical Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, Paint Manufacturers, Railways
  • Educational Institutes (excluding primary & secondary Schools)
  • Infrastructure, Mining, Food Processing Industries, Textile Industries, Leather Industries
  • Metal/Aluminium Dye Casting Units
  • Food Godowns
  • Equipment Storage Sheds, Shipyards
  • Ports
  • Oil Refineries

Target Personas

GM and above from civil, operations, materials, logistics, manufacturing, Engineering, COO, Vice President, AVP, Procurement Officers, e-Procurement Managers

Target Areas

Uttar Pradesh and Punjab

Our Approach



Our priority was to create awareness about eco-friendly Charminar Fortune amongst prospective customers and promote it in the market. We chose LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Display Network as target platforms for primary networking. Additionally, Twitter and Instagram were selected by us for tertiary networking.

The target audience (TG) was considered when developing the content strategy, and local communication was used. Creatives were made in such a way as to connect with the TG group easily.



Ascent’s creative team designed social media posts circulated on these platforms for effective engagement, wherein catchy lines and visuals were used to display USPs. 


For the best roofing solutions for all industries, we wrote “Depend on the most dependable roofing sheet,” mentioning the roofing features like heat, sound, high wind, and water resistance. 

Posts to highlight the roofing features to protect business interests were designed.

Posts were designed in such a way that the target audience could relate.




We also included a number to contact on each creative post. 

We handled the product’s marketing from the time it was released to the market, and in just 1-2 months, we were able to generate significant traction on their Facebook page. 

The brand’s goals for positioning Charminar Fortune as a premium non-asbestos, eco-friendly, autoclaved roofing solution among the classes and highlighting the product’s USPs have been accomplished. Our team’s focused efforts have been terrific, yielding excellent results from Facebook. We also kept regular track of the status of missed calls received. 



1 L
Total Reach
1 M
1 K
Total clicks
Leads from facebook
LinkedIn Inmail Leads
Total missed calls received

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Pan Seeds Digital Campaign in West Bengal and Assam For Paddy Seeds


Pan Seeds is one of the leading rice seed companies in Eastern India. The company started its operation by marketing Jute Seeds and later made a foray into the rice seed business. The company promotes its seeds under the brand name “PAN.” The singular focus of the brand is to deliver “Quality Seed to the Farmer,” and the commitment to Quality has resulted in Pan Seeds being recognized by the farmers as a premium brand. 

 In collaboration with Ascent Group India, the company wanted to target the farmers of the Assam and West Bengal region through a campaign before the sowing season, which was the right time we struck the brand recall. 


Marketing Objective

The objective was to increase brand and product awareness to facilitate engagement with the target group. The company also provided exciting schemes for retailers and farmers to generate more leads. 


  • Limited window period, i.e., before the sowing season. 
  • A small-scale target group in a limited territory. 
  • Highly competitive market. 


“Samradhi ka Shubharambh”

“Samradhi ka Shubharambh” aimed at providing a one-stop solution to farmers for deriving money through tractors and gaining high levels of prosperity. The solution offered a loan for farmers that can be availed on their Tractors; hence there is no need to see their near and dear ones. Moreover, the loan amount benefited from TVS Credit could be invested by farmers for multiple reasons or occasions that will fetch them prosperity. 

An integrated activation approach was conceptualized to reach the target group, i.e., farmers. It has been linked with Tele calling (inbound & outbound), Brand activation, Posters & Print advertisements, and Direct interaction for better results. Different communication mediums ensured maximum reach to the target group.  

The storytelling and hammer engagement game was initiated to communicate the ways of reaching prosperity, understand the wishes of farmers through TVS loans, and fetch prosperity in their lives. The realistic story of a farmer, the ups and downs of their life, financial security, tractor as a loan source have been communicated creatively and visually to engage the crowd. The activity was carried out further, under which people had to answer comic questions related to the story of a farmer. The communication strategy “Samradhi ka Shubharambh” was highly successful because of its clear message and positive vibes in the target market. 

The giant replica of coconut was represented in the float to indicate the initiation of prosperity in the campaign. A jingle with catchy phrases was also played to create awareness in target areas. “Mera Vyavsai Meri Pehchan ”. The dedicated team of promoters communicated about Mera Vyayvsai, Meri Pehchaan, and ways of reaching prosperity through TVS credit. 

The pre-campaign activity and direct contact program was conducted to create a strong base for the activity. The van activity has started and catered to a maximum number of farmers, interacted with them for agency business, and explained agency benefits through this program. 


The concept was transformed into cohesive actions that deployed and synchronized different communication mediums to leverage the benefits to a maximum extent. The activity was carried forward extensively by segregating geographical areas into high potential, average potential, and low potential villages. The specialized phases, i.e., Pre-campaign, Main engagement, and Direct Contact program, were selected to cater to different needs of the market. 


The extensive biker team in the direct contact program kick-started the program with a lot of buzz in target areas. The team researched specific areas and invited farmers on the theme of “Amantran Smaradhi ki Shuruvat ka” by meeting them at their doorsteps and other famous places.  

The main purpose of this activity was to invite farmers, collect their contact numbers, put stickers on tractors, distribute leaflets, promote missed call numbers, and ultimately target footfalls in the main activity. The bikers covered specific target areas before 2 days of the main activity. In line with the pre-campaign activity, the main engagement round was conducted with a high excitement. The focus of the main activity was to engage a maximum number of farmers, entertain them, and educate them about the adoption of new ways to resolve their financial problems rather than asking from near and dear ones. The specific areas were covered with the selected theme of “Samradhi ka Shubhaarambh”& “Swa Rojgar Yojana.”

The main activity started with customized branding and jingles to catch a maximum number of eyeballs, and after greeting the audience, team members explained the activity and initiated the same.   The qualifier round was the first engagement round, wherein an entertaining story of a farmer imbibing product features and usage was conveyed to the audience. The idea of storytelling was to make the audience realize the problem-solving mechanism of TVS Credit.  

Along with the main engagement activity, another outlet was placed under the banner “Swa Rojgar,” and the self-employment program was explained to the audience. 

Once the story was finished, the anchor asked a few interesting and comic questions about the story. People who answered these questions correctly qualified for the next main engagement round. The selected people were bifurcated according to their problem statements and offered solutions with the theme “Naariyal phod kar samasya ka samadhaan.” 

The anchor asked about the financial problems of selected candidates, and the participants were invited to an engagement game. The anchor asked about the major financial problem of the contestant and asked them to hit that problem with a hammer. Once the button was hit with a hammer, a giant coconut broke, and a water fountain inside the coconut started the same way it does while breaking a real coconut. The coconut was broken only once within the engagement round. 

After completing the main engagement round, the gratification was conducted by distributing key chains and vests to game winners. 



The direct contact program was conducted to meet the target audience at their doorsteps, dissipate the desired information and encourage people for Samradhi ka Shubhaarambh with TVS credit.

The direct contact strategy was conducted at locations not covered in the main engagement activity. 

Scale & Results

“Samradhi ka Shubhaarambh” and “Swa Rojgar” were conducted extensively with huge manpower. The results were also scaled with data collection, mass responsive messages, missed call numbers, and central call centers. Ascent has delighted the audiences with its conceptualized campaign, so TVS Credit has also been popularized on a large scale.  


There were 12 vans, 20 bikes, a 20-seater call center, and a team of 126 people. The central team of Ascent was lean and efficient in devising and implementing the campaign. 

Total calls attempted
Leads collected

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