Digital Marketing for Charminar Birla Primer for Activating Trade


Charminar is the HIL product catalogue’s flagship brand. Its extensive range of innovative and environmentally conscious products dominates the roofing industry. Ascent has already worked to promote the benefits of roofing sheets. In October 2021, they released a new product called Birla HIL Primer in the chemical category. 

They are high-quality undercoat primers that provide superior and long-lasting protection to walls. It aids in creating an appropriate surface for applying further layers of putty and finish paint. Micro-fine pigments and a unique acrylic binder are used in its production. It has a high bonding strength and superior filling properties to seal porous surfaces and construction flaws (surface cracks, seams, joints, and blisters). This ensures that all interior and exterior top coats adhere well to it and perform at their best. This stands out as the best option for all interior and exterior brick applications because of its outstanding whiteness, high opacity, shade uniformity, and extended coverage.


  • Lead generation
  • Brand awareness for appointment of dealers and distributors
  • Dealer network for Birla HIL Primer in a selected geography
  • Brand engagement


Target Audience


  • Dealer
  • Distributors
  • Traders in the paint industry
  • Hardware industry

Target Areas

  • Delhi
  • Haryana
  • UP
  • Bihar

An Integrated Approach

Ascent used both social media marketing and mobile marketing by :

  • Strategic posts on Facebook for promoting USPs 
  • Missed calls integration to generate leads
  • Targeting audience by including their language throughout our content strategy


It’s an honour to work for Charminar’s Birla HIL Primer. We handled the product’s marketing from the moment it hit the market, and in just two months, we were able to generate significant traction on their Facebook page. 




We created the content strategy with the TG in mind, incorporating local communication into the local language. The creatives were created in such a way that they used vernacular mode of communication to connect with people in Delhi easily, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar who have a good understanding of the language while displaying the benefits of Birla HIL Primer, such as compatibility with all water-based decorative paints and wall putty, superior whiteness, excellent Opacity, excellent paint adhesion, good resistance to wall alkalinity, moisture, fungus, and good coverage on walls.






Here, strategy, content, and design were crafted to drive the target group.

Additionally, we also designed republic day creative for effective engagement.

The creatives were also designed by integrating missed calls for lead generation.

The brand’s goals for lead generation, brand awareness, brand engagement, and the development of a dealer network have all been accomplished. Our team’s focused efforts have been terrific, yielding record numbers in just two months.





Results Achieved within Two Months

1.3 0 M
1 M
1 K
1 K

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