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Farmers frequently struggle with crops, even though they have been farming for many years and conducting various experiments due to a lack of knowledge about scientific procedures. 


Semantic Technologies and Agritech Services offer advanced agricultural technology solutions and services based on real-time big data analysis, digital technology, GIS mapping, satellite/drone imagery, and weather data. Some companies provide services such as pesticides, weedicide, plant growth, agrochemicals, and so on, but no single entity currently offers the full range of their services, from sowing to harvesting. They are the first company offering farmers an integrated crop management program from sowing to harvesting. Their offering will increase Productivity (Yield), Ensure Quality and Profitability for the Farmers. 

Service Offerings

  •  Soil Testing
  • Seed selection advisory based on historical weather data
  • Sowing date advisory
  • Fortnightly report on Crop Health from Date of Sowing (Based on satellite images)
  •  Fertilizer Application Advice & Management – Basal Dose & Subsequent Doses as per Crop Health
  •  Plant Protection Advice on a real-time basis (Pest & Diseases)
  • Need-based Plant Irrigation Advice
  •  Harvest Advice 10-15 days before maturity based on the field situation
  •  Insurance & Claims advice services as may be required. (Tractor/Two/Four-Wheeler/Livestock/Health/Life/Term/Govt- Insurance Scheme) 
  • Monthly farmers group meeting with Crop Specialist
  • One Semantic advisor available on call for every enrolled farmer.

Outcomes Expected by Semantic

  • More and more farmers throughout the districts and states should voluntarily enroll in services offered by Semantic Technologies and Agritech Services Pvt Ltd.
  • Achievements of the set targets and awareness of the company’s services.

Target Group

  • Cattle owners
  • Cattle feed shop owners
  • Dairy owners
  • Dairy farmers
  • Farm supervisors
  • Farm owners
  • Veterinary Physicians
  • Farmers

Marketing Objectives

  • Brand Awareness in Target Location targeting 5000 farmers in Latur for soybean and  5000 for cotton and 5000 farmers for soybean in the Bid district
  • Lead Generation resulting in enrollment of farmers by payment of subscription 

Our Approach

  • Content localization
  • Powerful messaging to connect with the audiences
  • Resonating Content Creation
  • Used Facebook


Our top-of-the-funnel marketing approach represents the awareness stage focused on activities and campaigns to create brand awareness, generate traffic and engagement, get significant video views, and reach more of the target audience. This helped us gain an understanding of the marketing landscape.  

Kamau Poot- The Mascot Communicator

We designed the mascot communicators that we used with our creatives and engagement games.

The Idea

To demonstrate the benefits of Crop Tech, we created creatives that included our mascot and idea. In addition, we provided links and a phone number that can be used to make missed calls to learn more. Vernacular content strategy was applied to display the benefits of CropTech.

Benefits were also communicated through a tailor-made engagement game to better understand the app.




Our focused efforts yielded excellent results. We received 17,010 clicks on Semantic Soyabean Call Ads and got 1.22 M impressions and 1,753 post reactions on Facebook in just one month. 1203 Calls were confirmed.


1 K
Total Reach
1 M
Total post impressions
Total clicks
Estimated call confirmation Click

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