ARL Digital Marketing for their Roofing Sheets across 5 States


ARL, a leading roofing sheet manufacturer based in Rajasthan, strives to provide the best quality sheets at a fair price, resulting in a genuine Return on investment. Maintaining a superior quality and good service the company has grown manifolds and has increased its capacity.  Products range are fiber cement corrugated cement  sheets, color coated fiber cement corrugated, etc. These sheets are widely preferred in rural housing, food storage, poultry farms, industries and railway and bus terminals.




    • Zero Presence on Social Media
    • Insufficient brand awareness
    • Unsatisfactory lead generation

Target Group

Male & Female of 22 year – 55 year Age Group

Target Group

  • Gujarat
  • Haryana
  • Punjab
  • Rajasthan
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Uttar Pradesh

An Integrated Approach


We started social media marketing for ARL from scratch

  • Strategic Campaigns for showcasing product USPs
  • Strategic GIFs
  • Strategic Special Day Post for better audience engagement
  • Moment marketing for engaging the audience

We’d also like to illustrate some successful skills learned from a roofing sheet company, Ankur, a regional brand from ARL Infratech Ltd, which offers a product range of cement fiber, color-coated roofing sheets, as well as other roofing solutions for rural markets.

This brand also caters to a large pie of rural and semi-urban areas with its huge dealer network across 5 states, i.e., Rajasthan, UP, MH, PN, HR, etc. We built this brand from scratch and have reached a point where it has a ton of potential, scope, and involvement from all over the world.


Creatives were designed in a way that used a vernacular mode of communication to easily connect with people who have a good understanding of the language. Here, strategy, content, and design were crafted in a way that drove target group interaction and enticed influencers to give the brand a boost.

We designed creatives to highlight the features of the roofing sheets, i.e. it is suitable for all the seasons.

We also created Special Day Posts, such as one for Teachers Day, wishing everyone a very happy Teachers Day and relating the role of teachers to the roofing sheets.

The strategically designed posts highlighted the top reasons for purchasing roofing sheets to capture the target audience’s attention.


Results Achieved

Overall the concerted efforts have been excellent from our team, fetching phenomenal numbers within three months, i.e., Post reaches increased by 136%, Post engagement increased by 219%, 4000+ link clicks in 1 month, page followers increased by 88%,  enquiries more than 1000 on Facebook within 3 months, video views increased 611%, etc.

1 %
page reach increased
1 %
page follower increased
1 %
Post Engagement increased:
1 +
Link Clicks per month
1 +
New inquiries on Facebook within 3 months
1 %
Video Views Increased

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