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Stok Beer Promotional Campaign Case Study


Establishing brand awareness is a common challenge for any brand, especially in a crowded market like the beer industry. First time adopters or testers are critical for the brand to break-out and achieve success.

STOK is amongst many of the beer brands, trying to achieve brand awareness, preference, and visibility in the highly cluttered market.


We were roped in to manage a Below The Line (BTL) campaign for increasing brand awareness, recall through engagement and testing through sample & branded-merchandise distribution.


   The primary objective of this project was to
   ● Increase brand awareness
   ● Brand preference
   ● Visibility of the beer brand.
 The project also promoted trials of the beer among the target audience, which is the buyers at liquor shops.

Challenges Addressed:

Through the Campaign, we addressed the following challenges-

Brand Awareness: Used engagement activities like games and distribution of freebies to attract attention and create a memorable experience associated with the brand.

Brand Preference: By offering free beer samples and other promotional items, the campaign aims to encourage consumers to try the beer and develop a preference for it over other brands.

Brand Visibility: Sought to improve brand visibility by distributing T-shirts & Beer Glasses.

Customer Engagement: The campaign used a game where customers can spin a wheel to win prizes.

Target Areas / Location:

  1. The activity was done across 3 cities, on 5 different Outlets per city.

Target Audience:

Liquor Shop customers, specifically beer buyers

An Integrated Approach

We developed the campaign to engage prospective customers with fun games, and create a sense of Winning by rewarding winners. Photos of winners with beer cans, T-shirts were clicked to make them feel special winners, thus improving brand recall.

Free beer sampling was adopted as a part of the campaign strategy. The assumption was that once people try the beer, they are more likely to buy it in the future.

Activities Done

  • The campaign involved game engagement activities at liquor shops where prospects could spin a wheel on a tab and win a prize.


  • Promoters were assigned to distribute STOK branded T-shirts and free STOK beer samples.


  • Prospects (potential customers) could participate in the activity once.


  • Pictures were taken of every freebie distributed, with proper reporting.


  ● Activity Days: The campaign ran for a total of 240 days.
  ● Liquor Shops: The campaign was conducted in 5 different liquor shops per city.
  ● Total Beer Samples Given: Over 4800 beer samples were distributed during the   campaign.
  ● Shirts Given: Over 700 T-shirts were distributed as part of the campaign.
  ● Beer Glasses Given: Over 350 beer glasses were given out during the campaign.

    The campaigns successfully generated significant engagement, improving Brand visibility and trial drinkers.

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