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Savannah Seeds Case Study: A Success In Rural Marketing Strategy


Every farmer desires bountiful harvests and subsequent financial success. And to generate the same, the quality of seeds is of prime importance. Seed companies always want to communicate the USP of their products to grow sales and engagement. Besides increasing yields, disease resistance is critical for success.

Savannah Seeds, a seed company, wanted to promote their paddy seed products Sava 134 (for Punjab) and Sava 127 (for Haryana) among farmers in these states.


The brief was to increase awareness, reach, credibility, trust and engagement for these products, and drive sales by convincing farmers and the trade partners (retailers/distributors). Besides driving product sales through greater engagement with farmers, the campaign also sought to prioritize and promote product USPs through trade partners.


The measurable objective was to achieve product awareness, reach, and engagement for the product performance and post-campaign survey recall of the campaign, communication, and sales plan.

Challenges Addressed

Farmers in the region faced issues like the Fizzi virus impacting yields, prompting the need for disease-resistant seed varieties. Additionally, Savannah Seeds had launched two new products (Sava 7301 and Sava 7501) in the same segment, necessitating effective promotion of Sava 134 and Sava 127 to maintain their volume sales.

Target Areas / Location

The campaign targeted farmers and trade partners in the states of Punjab and Haryana.

Target Audience

The primary target audience was trade partners (retailers and distributors) in Punjab and Haryana. The secondary target group was paddy-growing farmers in these states.


We harped on the aspect of building trust and credibility by showcasing local farmers proudly displaying their produce, conveying a sense of satisfaction and success with using these seeds. By using relatable farmer personas and having them share positive experiences, the ads aim to build trust and credibility among the target audience of fellow farmers in Punjab and Haryana.

The campaign’s mnemonic slogan, “Is Baar Phir Se Mohar Lagana Hai” was used as proof of credibility and trust in the product and brand. 

We developed ad copies in funnel structure, eliciting interest through Teaser visuals, followed up by revealer and main campaign creatives.  Additionally, the visuals emphasised the key benefits of using these seeds – namely higher yields, better crop quality, disease resistance (e.g., against the fizzi virus), and ultimately higher earnings for farmers. Phrases like “healthy crop, great yield”  and “Shiny Grains, Higher Production” drive home these advantages.

The use of local language and dialects in creatives ensured better connectivity with local farmers.

Savannah Seeds Digital Marketing campaign case study creatives

Activities Done


We employed a digital marketing campaign comprising Facebook and Google Ads. The campaign utilized various ad formats such as videos, carousels, GIFs, and static images, tailored for different objectives like reach, lead generation, link clicks, and engagement.

  • Google Ads campaigns with videos showcasing the benefits of Sava 134 and Sava 127.


  • Facebook ad campaigns in Punjab and Haryana with separate ad sets for reach, lead generation, link clicks, and engagement.


  • Creative development including videos, GIFs, and static images featuring farmers endorsing the products.


  • Targeted advertising based on demographics and location.


3.56 Million

Total Reach

6.46 Million



Total Clicks

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