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Pipal Tree Digital Campaign Case Study


Ease of hiring, as well as Job Search, is a vital requirement for both organizations and job seekers. In a country like India with a massive job-seeking population, organizations are hard-pressed to find the right candidates, most of the time.

Pipal Tree is a recruitment service provider that bridges the gap between organizations and candidates in finding the right candidate for the job. It’s a platform to connect job seekers with recruiters. This ensures the right hiring for Companies while ensuring job fitment for candidates. 


Pipal Tree wanted us to run a digital marketing campaign to generate impressions, website traffic, and lead conversions for labour and worker recruitment for various sectors from remote locations in MP.

Pipal Tree Digital creative for Case study


  • Generate leads and increase impressions for job openings like housekeeping, industrial labour, office staff, electricians, plumbers, and facility management.


  • Increase client engagement with more personalized, targeted content and continuous engagement to provide lifetime value.

Challenges Addressed

The campaigns aimed to effectively reach and engage the target audience for recruitment across diverse job roles and sectors through targeted social media advertising and personalized content.

Target Areas / Location:

The primary focus was on the state of Madhya Pradesh, including cities like Indore and Bhopal, as well as Hyderabad.

Target Audience:

The primary target audience was job seekers from remote areas for corporate offices, malls, industrial organizations, hotels, and restaurants.


The social media campaign was developed to build an emotional connection on getting a new job. To build freshness and appeal to the TG, a focus on hypothetical job ads was included. This was done to bring in connection to the current hiring demands of recruiters. Since the campaign focussed on rural job seekers, bi-lingual messaging through creatives proved highly successful.

The creatives used in the campaign highlighted this aspect.

Activities Done

  • Ran Facebook advertising campaigns with tailored ad sets for different job roles and services.


  • Utilized eye-catching creatives and visuals showcasing the various services offered.


  • Implemented targeted advertising based on demographics, interests, and locations.


  • Focused on generating leads through Facebook lead ads and increasing brand awareness.
Pipal Tree Digital Case study creatives
Pipal Tree digital campaign creatives


1.18 M


3.39 M





Post Reactions




Page Likes

The campaigns successfully generated significant reach, impressions, and lead conversions, effectively targeting the desired audiences for Pipal Tree Online’s diverse service offerings across targeted locations in Madhya Pradesh and Hyderabad.

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