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Pavilion Design for Samsung in GTF Pavilion Design for Samsung in GTF

The Grandeur

The largest trade fair of all kinds in India, it is a unique blend of art and business. It has its air-conditioned facility center, police stations, hospitals, gardens, telecommunication facilities, electrical and water resources, public toilets, concrete roads, other modern facilities, well-trained permanent staff, and security guards to extend prompt services to exhibitions and visitors, with easy access to millions of people from semi-urban and rural regions. Gwalior Mela offers enormous opportunities for trade to showcase your products and services.

An Out and Out Sales Platform

Gwalior Mela gives the rural consumer a one-stop solution for all their aspired purchases. What attracts the rural consumer to this platform is the wide range of options available for their requisites in the past years. It has proved to be their biggest market for consumer durables and other heavy application brands.


For the structure, Tin Patra was used. Elements like False ceiling – of 2×2 grid with framing & Lights, wooden play base wall as per the design, backlit branding with backlit flex, Samsung logo edge LIT, dark grey carpet finish flooring, removable entry and exit gate with lockable doors, U shape cash counters, extra counters, godown with the waterproof ceiling, package stands, etc. were the part of the pavilion design.

Indoor branding elements like customer care number flex were added above the gate from inside.


1 L
Visitors attracted
1 K+
Total days of shopping and entertainment
1 Crores
Total turnover
1 K+
total pavillions showcased

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