NDTV Matercard Cashless Bano India Targeted to Trading Community


The giant media client NDTV had a requirement to manage and deliver a significant event that reached maximum people in 5 districts of Western, Central, and Northern India. This was a completely new initiative that had never been attempted in the company’s history, as it involved educating people about digitalization and its importance in the future.


NDTV wanted to create awareness among the business owners and shopkeepers of Jaipur, Indore, Kanpur, Nagpur, and Surat about digital India and how it will be the future of transactions and information sharing. This included a door-to-door contact program, van activations, Nukkad Natak, location-based mass message blasts, and other promotional activities at strategic locations to target maximum people and thereby educate them. This shall likewise educate the target audience on the benefits of Mastercard with the help of the HDFC team. The vans were equipped with audio-visual facilities and offered Internet connectivity, education material, and other items. The services were provided in 3 languages: Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi.


The activity was divided into 4 phases:
Phase 1: Training
Phase 2: Promoter Training Program
Phase 3: Pre-Buzz before the big day
Phase 4: The D-Day


Becoming a cashless society painlessly is an ideal situation. Fewer cash transactions in an economy can help bring down transaction costs, instances of economic offenses, and street crimes. It needs some disincentives for withdrawing cash beyond a specific limit and incentives to encourage those who switched to digital payment systems to stay with that mode. Above all, governments — State and Central— need to ensure that digital trails exposed by this transition are assiduously tracked to maximize revenue gains. The campaign #CashlessbanoIndia was aimed at establishing this belief of going paper-free and adopting the cashless techniques of money transaction and remittance.

Pre-Activity Buzz

Aim: Create visibility and buzz in the market about MasterCard and build up to the main activity day

Pre-buzz activity to have an Inflatable Structure which will be placed outside HDFC bank / Shops.

Engagement Drive

The NDTV had floated the “Cashless Bano India ” campaign to create national awareness of digital transactions. With the engagement drive that was visually pleasing to the people, we were able to gather the maximum number of people at a hotspot where the activity was done. The van was used as a medium to drive maximum engagement. Here, the business owners were taught the uses of various digital tools. 

The door-to-door contact program was focused on elaborating and throwing light on mobile payment facilities, ATM cards, and online banking to educate people for a brighter, digitized future.

Rural marketing strategies

The Activity Flow and Management

A team of 1 anchor, 5 Nukkad Artists, 1 Inflatable Man, 1 Supervisor, and 7 Promoters led the campaign towards success. For the final day of each campaign, prerequisites were considered, and the Nukkad Artists prepared themselves and rehearsed. Video clips, sound bites, and presentations were downloaded and organized by the production team and were incorporated into the van setup.

Standees were placed, announcements were made, and strategic touch-points were identified to ensure consistency and accuracy. Placement of inflatable in front of HDFC Bank/shop


Rural marketing strategies


Overall, the program achieved each of its goals. Surveys showed that the guests were pleased with the Cashless Bano India Program, with many responding “very satisfied” or “extremely satisfied.” Most importantly, the experience had a lasting effect – a maximum number of attendees self-proclaimed themselves as digitally educated up to a certain level and will most likely adopt digitalization trends. After reviewing survey results, there was no mention of the location switch or disappointment; NDTV was highly satisfied with the campaign’s prompt response.

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