NDTV Fund Raising Event for KISS with Sonu Nigam


NDTV, in association with KISS (Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences) under a charity initiative – Shiksha ki Ore wanted to organize a fundraising event for the education of underprivileged tribal children. A LIVE IN Concert was thus ideated. Sonu Nigam, DJ Anshul Groove, and singer Anusha Mani supported the cause by performing at the concert. An effective marketing campaign was needed to manifest it into a huge success and register maximum ticket sales. The brief emphasized creating hype about the event amongst the public and curating a memorable experience for the concertgoers.

Amply Events, a division of Ascent Brand Communications Pvt. Ltd., took this task enthusiastically and ideated a multimedia promotional campaign for 22 days. 


With holistic planning, pre-promotion began one month before the concert. The pre-promotional plan was a mix of Above The Line, Below The Line, print, radio, and social media marketing. These tools were integrated to augment the whole effort.

A 360-degree digital plan encompassed various platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. A tailor-made event profile was created for each platform to track more people’s attention. 



The pre-publicity started with a high-buzz multimedia campaign with Dainik Bhaskar and MyFM as print and radio partners.

The multimedia campaign was formulated as a mix of print, radio, social media marketing, ATL & BTL support with high decibel amplification.

The pre-publicity for the concert began in November with 20 hoardings placed across strategic locations in Indore.
In addition, a fleet of 1000 autos was deployed to carry the message, while posters were placed across the city at major youth-centric points like colleges, canteens, and youth joints.

Newspaper inserts across the city further augmented these efforts.

We also placed table tops at prominent restaurants in the city.
As it was a ticket-based concert, the placement of ticket sales counters across strategic locations in Indore eased the purchase of tickets.
Through social media pages, we came up with the event and paid campaigns on Facebook and gave preference to Hindi content for traction among the mass.

We devised various engagement ideas like Selfie with Sonu Nigam, Spot the promotion contest, Daily Lucky winner, etc. The idea was to create a buzz amongst the public through engaging posts and event updates.
Once enough of the audience was gathered, we instigated them with various posts like ‘hurry up, few tickets available, ‘join the social cause of education to tribal children, sharing posts of preparation of the event, and asking them to share pics of a poster of Sonu Nigam event seen in the town.

Preparation of the Event

Setting the Set up:

The humongous task of erecting the concert venue was taken care of by a team of 200 people. The massive setup that included stage, backstage, sound & light, tentage, fabrication, and seating lounge was completed quickly.

For 48 hours straight, the team worked to bring the massive structure to life. Our in-house team left no stone unturned to transform Labh Ganga Garden into an international event venue.            

The Big Numbers

We registered great response and engagement during the entire promotional campaign that ran for 22 days.

The social media marketing campaign sensitized more than 10 lacs of people about the event. A mix of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google Adwords was used to enhance the event’s reach through social media channels. The online activity created a huge response, and 3.3k people showed interest in attending the concert.

The Big Day

The true test for any pre-promotional activity’s effectiveness is the event day itself. We were as excited as the concertgoers to see the effect of our endeavors. 


The mark of the success of our promotional efforts was the huge turnover of the audience that came in numbers to witness Sonu Nigam perform and eventually support the social cause of the education of tribal children. 

Over 4,000 people were present at the concert.

The team’s collaborative efforts to create the buzz about the event, coupled with the set designing team, helped create a cherishable experience for all. 

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