Shriram Bio Seed Mobile Campaign in 5 States


Bioseed has one of the world’s most extensive inventories of germplasm. In all of Asia, the gene pool has one of the greatest success rates. Bioseed expanded its activities in Vietnam and the Philippines, as well as Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, and China, when its development plans took root.

Bioseed is one of just a few biotechnology companies with experience in all aspects of the industry, including R&D, field and lab testing, data analysis, production, farm management, and farmer engagement.

Shriram bio seed sought to raise brand awareness in the target market with the help of Ascent brand communication. We devised mobile marketing techniques that would help them meet their goals.

Objective of Marketing

The purpose of the campaign was to increase brand and product awareness, as well as brand recognition, to create business leads. The goal was to increase engagement between target groups to expand the company’s reach.


Mobile marketing was one type of promotion platform we utilized.

In Mobile Marketing, farmers were instructed to call the number listed in our social media posts if they missed a call. Our team collected their information and contacted them via telecommunications, SMS, and OBD systems. The OBD system ( Female and Male Versions) was helpful when we needed to reach a large number of farmers in a short amount of time. 


The marketing was exciting and well-executed. The response to OBD activity and telecommunication was overwhelming.

We completed the campaign in a short amount of time (one month) and persuaded many farmers to buy the products.


Total OBD


OBD Response from Rajasthan


OBD Response from UP


OBD Response from Haryana

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