Pan Seeds Mobile Marketing Campaign

Marketing Objective

The goal was to raise brand and product awareness to make it easier for the target audience to participate. To generate more leads, the organization also offered attractive incentives for retailers and farmers.



Pan Seeds is one of Eastern India’s biggest rice seed companies. The company began by selling jute seeds and then expanded into the rice seed business. The “PAN” brand is used to promote the company’s seeds. The business’s only aim is to give “Quality Seed to the Farmer,” and Pan Seeds’ devotion to quality has earned the brand recognition as a premium brand among farmers.

The company sought to target farmers in Assam and West Bengal with a campaign before the planting season, which was the best moment to strike in the brand recall, so they teamed up with Ascent Group India.



  • We set up a call center where they could register their information in their native languages, and we answered a lot of questions about the hybrid 2423 and how it compares to other goods. 
  • We also aided the farmers with any real-time queries using the call center by talking with the company’s on-field executives, who were able to assist them with their experience.
  • We sent SMS in Bengali and Assamese languages in their respective places.
  • Total IVR Sent – 5624
  • 14 Call conference done in 45 days
vernacular obd done
1 k
sms sent


With targeted marketing, we were able to imprint the brand image in the target audience’s brains, resulting in excellent brand recall and a push to acquire the product during the season.
Among the key market competitors, we have successfully built a distinct brand identity.

1 k
farmers connected
Missced calls received
Ivr answered
members joined the meeting

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