Ankur Cement Fibre Roofing sheets - Haryana Mobile Marketing Campaign


ARL is the largest manufacturer of AC pressure pipes in North India, and it is also the owner of Rajasthan’s first Asbestos Cement Sheet facility. ARL has established the first project to manufacture and distribute Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Blocks in Jaipur, Rajasthan, under the brand name ‘AEROTUFF,’ in response to the high demand for housing and related facilities such as schools, universities, and hospitals. The blocks, a high-quality alternative to red clay bricks, are a forerunner of a revolution in India’s construction industry. These blocks are designed to meet current needs and the Rajasthan government’s objective of long-term, environmentally sustainable growth.

ARL Infratech Ltd, the largest manufacturer of AC Pressure Pipes in North India and the first-ever Asbestos Cement Sheet facility in Rajasthan, tasked us with developing their corporate and brand identity.

Ankur, their roofing sheet umbrella brand, was the project’s primary focus. We had to reinvent the brand identity of their existing brand, Ankur cement fiber sheets, and create new brand identities for Ankur Spectra and Ankur Mahashakti, which are color roofing sheets and GLC sheets, respectively, under the Ankur umbrella.



Ascent used the mobile marketing technique to target cattle owners, poultry farms, progressive farmers, etc. Vernacular OBD and SMS alerts were part of this campaign. Apart from this, the painter’s engagement was done through WhatsApp. The Mobile farmer meet was also an essential part of this campaign.


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