Gionee Retail Branding by Ascent

Gionee Retail Branding

Client: Gionee
Project: Retail Branding
Region: Entire Gwalior Division (M.P.)
Purpose: Branding, Brand Visibility, and Retail Recall
Duration: 9 months

Retail Branding

Retail branding and merchandising have promising growth potential as retail points are the most crucial interface between a brand and its customers. It helps shape and reshape the customer’s perception.

Being present across the retail outlet with the proper visibility options, in-shop and out-shop branding help brands gain eyeballs, thus leading to more mind share and conversions.

Gionee Retail Branding

Tapping the effectiveness of this form of branding, we helped Gionee create heightened brand visibility, greater retail recalls, and footfall at their retail shops by applying the right mix of branding tools and innovating new ideas.

The integrated efforts, like quality material sourcing, skilled support staff, high-quality techniques, and customized creative development, further helped us ideate and create a more remarkable customer experience.

In-Store Branding

For the in-store branding, we incorporated various mediums. Some branding components are Vinyl Board, Sunboard, Indoor Glow sign board, Translets, Shop-in-Shop display, one-way vision, clip-on board, and flex with frame. They were creatively decorated and branded to capture the customers’ attention towards the brand.


In-Shop Branding

Out-Shop Branding

Any retail branding effort is incomplete without extensive out-shop branding. For the desired result, it is as important to brand your products outside the shop as it is inside.

With many branding tools at our disposal at Gionee stores, we integrated them to create a brand ambiance and lasting brand recall amongst the customers and shoppers.

While executing the project, various elements like arch gates, ACP boards, Glow Sign Boards, 3D boards, LED Boards, and Standees were mixed with innovative new forms of branding.

State-of-the-art technology was used to produce high-class material to ensure the optimum output of our branding efforts. HP Latex technology was used to produce fine-quality flex and vinyl boards, which further helped us check the quality.

Throughout the project duration, our support team was in touch with the retail shops to heed the needs of retailers and serve them better.



Being present throughout the retail outlet with the appropriate visibility options, in-shop, and out–shop branding aided the brand in gaining eyeballs, resulting in increased mind share and conversions. We created long-term brand recall among customers and shoppers.

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