Dupont Coragen Rural Campaign for Sugarcane in UP


This BTL Campaign attempted to embark on the promotional campaign for DuPont, aiming at the Sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh. DuPont’s 25 Days Van Campaign focuses on sugarcane farmers, so they came to know more about Coragen usage.


  • To promote & project DuPont Coragen as the ideal insecticide for sugarcane crop
  • Encourage & educate farmers about the application of the insecticide
  • To aware farmers that DuPont Coragen doesn’t affect the quality and valuation part of the crops
  • To command top of the mind recall for long duration control, yield, i.e. height, girth, and length

Role of Ascent —Activity

As our theme is “Coragen Apnaneka Jindagi Mein Badlav Lane ka,” our main aim was to convey this message to every farmer at the sugarcane mill. This campaign included 8 phases:-

Activity Flow

Pre-election rally ( Aao Milkar Karein Tarakki ka Chunav)

To be on the heels of Chunav, rallies are commonplace. Rallies seed dhol-dhamaka with slogan chants colored with placards. Our efforts were to recreate the same scene. During the rally, we spotted the users and then asked them to lead the rally.

Felicitation ( Apno ne Dikhaao Rahein, hum Kaise Tarakki Payein)

Users showed how non-users come forward and become part of the ongoing progress. We then had to rope in the non-users to believe the same. Tarakki ka Chunav as our activation idea invited the non-users to become a part of the progress.

Pre-engagement (Bindu milaayen, Nishchint ho Jayen)

Anchor illustrated the functioning of the Izon label on the product bottle by tilting it in the prescribed manner. The participants memorized the pattern of tilting and the respective dots and dropped the ball into that particular console. The one who finished the task fastest stood out as the winner.

Testimonial videos on LCD ( Tarakki ki Kahani, Apno ki Zubani)

After the qualifier round, we showed the farmers testimonial videos of user farmers who had already experienced the coragen in their fields.

Drench application ( Jaane Kaise Karein Prayog)

The anchor talked about the French app demo then MIO began the demo. Anchor highlighted the key activities during the demo. Besides the point of usage methodology, anchors came and diverted the attention of the audience towards the standees.

Main engagement ( Tarakki ka Chunav)

4 participants began and moved the dice. Moving forward on the wooden plank depended upon sequential attainment of 1,3, and 5 digits on dice, i.e., the key messages of DuPont Coragen and 2,4, or 6 digital have drawbacks that won’t let participants move forward. The participants who reached first were announced the winner. He walked away with the flag of progress.

Freebies distribution ( Inhone Kiya Tarakkai ka Chunav)

We distributed the person freebies who won the main engagement round.

Nameplate installation ( Apno ne lagai, Apni Tarakki ki Pehchan)

In the end, the team, along with Dhol and the User farmer, went to the winner’s residence to install the nameplate to add more buzz.



No.of visitors


Total Rallies


No. of felicitation


Round of Engagement-


Leads Generated


Palm Expressions



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