Deendayal Chalit Chikitsalaya for MP Govt


Madhya Pradesh has a large proportion of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and BPL in its population. Lack of treatment facilities, especially for hospitalization, was a major cause of concern to the families of these groups. Madhya Pradesh Government, aiming to provide social security to these underprivileged sections of the society in the health sector, launched ‘Deendayal Chalit Chikitsalaya’ Or ‘Arogya Rath.

The scheme was intended to serve the families below the poverty line belonging to the Schedule castes (SCS) and Schedule tribes (STS). The scheme provided free treatment and investigation facilities.


The whole approach was indeed very concentrated on touching and retouching the patients within a time frame of two weeks. Target areas were covered block-wise wherein a certain number of villagers were targeted, and right after a week from the first visit, the van and bus went to the same area again and again. 

The premise for the camp was one of the central areas at the village, community center, panchayat bhawan, primary school, petrol pumps, mosques, temples, etc., as a suitable location. 

One qualified, experienced MBBS doctor looked after the walk-ins with the help of one nurse, and the activity supervisor and pharmacist too were part of the team.


Work done by them

  • Medical consultation and primary treatment
  • Information on various methods of family planning
  • Medicines distribution
  • Vaccinations
  • Medical checkups and distribution of medicine to women during pregnancy and after childbirth
  • Medical checkups of young girls and sex education
  • A medical diagnosis of complicated cases 
  • Blood and cough test for diagnosis of malaria and TB.
  • To spread awareness about the various public welfare schemes of the government
  • Provide information on various health topics 
  • To provide relief in areas beyond developmental areas like natural calamities 
  • Sending reports to the medical departments

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