Anmol Rishtey- A Dealer Relationship Program for ARL Infratech


Ankur shares a great relationship with its dealers. To make the relationship stronger and celebrate the relationship, Ankur organized a couple dealership conference, “Anmol Rishte.” We ideated Anmol Rishte in giving life to the event. Earlier, the event didn’t have any emotional connect. 

The Concept

Anmol rishtey (Invaluable relationship) is not just a relationship; instead, it’s more than that in a true sense. These relationships are designed in heaven by God himself and then given to us for maintaining it further. These relationships to maintain, need a lot of sacrifices on both sides, and in the absence of it, it deteriorates.

In Context with ARL

At ARL, human relationship is placed first before business which is why their bonding with the dealer community is taken in high regard and spirit. It’s been a healthy and pleasing relationship with most dealers for more than 20,15,10, and 5 years. The relationship is called ‘Anmol Rishtey.’ The way ARL has been married to dealers for years; similarly, dealers too have been maintaining their relationship with their spouses with much respect and love.

The two days were set especially for couples to give them time together for having fun, food, and leisure with the ARL family and the entire dealer community.

Pre-Conference Byte of Select Dealers

We would love to know your spouse’s role in sweetening your relationship and making your journey pleasing and satisfying.

If you can share any heart-warming moments connected to your spouse which changed your life and way of thinking.

What is that you appreciate in your relationship and why?

Questions for Bytes

  1.  Aapki dharm patni se aapke rishte kis tarah se anmol hain?
  2.  Unse jude hue kuchh khas lamhe jinka aapki zindagi par gahra prabhav pada?
  3.  Kuchh ese tyag ya balidan jo unhone aapke khatir kiye ho?
  4.  Agli pidhi ko anmol rishte ke bare me kya Sandesh dena chahenge?
  5.  Sukhad rishte ki dor kuchh kadwe Anubhav se hoke gujarti hai, kya kahenge aap?
  6.  Voh kya hai jo apke anmol rishto aur sukhad sambandho ki neev ko majboot banae hue  hai?

We used branding elements – Cutouts, audiovisual, and standees for the event. We also played games during the event.

Felicitation was also done during the event. Finally, we took photos of the couples.


All appreciated the event. Anmol Rishte was also organized post-pandemic after the success of the first one.

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