Addressing Marketing Problem With an Innovative Signage and Interesting Comics


Cargill is a conglomerate with 120 years of experience and a network in more than 40 countries. One of their divisions manufactures shrimp feed with a differentiating IPM model, which ensures amino acids, higher digestibility, better water quality, high survival, high profit, rapid growth, and reduced crop cycle resulting in higher profitability for shrimp farmers.

The Idea

We came up with the idea to develop communication in the way of Comics. Generally, farmers hardly give any attention to ordinary leaflets/company literature containing communication in boring technical terms using marketing jargon and specifications.

We developed the comics in a storytelling way with illustrations and engaging content, starting with farmers’ problems and ending with the right solutions for the Cargill Purina brand.

The Big Idea was to show a shrimp-like king. What matters the most in shrimps is their size, which decides their value and is highly important in farming. So we took the theme –

Raja Shrimpu Ka Raaz!

This theme represented a shrimp who spoke the secrets of his health and kingly size. Ultimately, we wanted to deliver that Purina gives King Size growth to Shrimps.

Innovative Retail Signage



To get broad acceptance of the brand among trade partners, it was necessary to bring some cutting-edge solution that is unique and had never been applied before in the market.

We coined the idea of a Talking Shrimp Signage, an innovative engagement equipped with audio. While tapping on the button in a series, it would tell its story of king-size growth by following a regiment to yield a higher output with shrimp farming.


Retail signage was well received in the trade, and the trade partner was thrilled to see customers’ experience with talking shrimp. Customers also enjoyed the experience as they could completely understand the product and its features in an audio format in their local language.

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