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ORM is one of the essential components of digital marketing, and we at Ascent have years of experience with it. We search the internet for all information about your brand and remove any negative reviews with responsive solutions. We use cutting-edge approaches to manage the information your target audience sees, reads, and interprets about your positioning.

Influencer marketing has an ROI that is comparable to or greater than other marketing channels

Customers depend on influencer recommendations

Marketers are planning to increase their spending on influencer marketing

Benefits of Ascent's Online
Reputation Management Services

Thorough Research

Our process begins with an in-depth understanding of our client’s business and objectives. We arrange meetings with our clients to understand their needs better. This allows us to strategize and create the best possible solution.


At this stage, we create a blueprint of concepts without emphasizing their visual appeal. Our design team creates interfaces that function on any device or method of access using tools and apps.

Building Web Designs

We turn the information from the previous phases into beautifully designed pages in this stage. Every page at our user experience design agency is unique and stunning. We also produce style guidelines (color schemes, icons, and typefaces) and mockups at this stage that are ready to use and mobile-friendly on any device.

User Acceptance Testing

UX specialists observe how people engage with what we’ve produced, taking all feedback into account and using it. As a result, we can build solutions that are beautiful and effective.

Final Revision & Adjustments

Finally, we refine everything utilizing feedback from the design stage before pushing the production solution. Our team collaborates with the business owner because we value their success as much as they do.

Final Revision & Adjustments

Finally, we refine everything utilizing feedback from the design stage before pushing the production solution. Our team collaborates with the business owner because we value their success as much as they do.

Final Revision & Adjustments

Finally, we refine everything utilizing feedback from the design stage before pushing the production solution. Our team collaborates with the business owner because we value their success as much as they do.

Final Revision & Adjustments

Finally, we refine everything utilizing feedback from the design stage before pushing the production solution. Our team collaborates with the business owner because we value their success as much as they do.

Our Approach

Research and Gap

We begin with extensive research to determine whether something can be removed from search engines such as Google. Gap analysis allows us to identify reputation threats and create content that portrays you favorably and attracts organic traffic, shares, and inbound links.

Responsive and Strategic Plan Development

Based on the research, we develop a strategy to achieve your objectives. These objectives can include anything from a content replacement to positive result promotion to negative result suppression, social media strategy, review and rating improvement, etc.

Content Creation

Content creation takes time, but its importance in online reputation management in digital marketing cannot be overstated. Brainstorming, outlining coherent linking, basic content, and a social media posting plan are all part of our content creation process. The content on brand searches and review responses shapes your image in customers’ eyes.

Monitoring Brand Mentions

We actively monitor online conversations to give you a real-time view of your online presence and respond quickly. Tools for brand monitoring and online reputation management assist us in managing and monitoring brand mentions.

Delicately Managing Negative Reviews

We assess the most problematic reviews to address them delicately. We respond to reviews as friendly professionals to demonstrate that your company genuinely cares about every customer.

Choosing Right Influencers

Influencers are the newest approach to online reputation management for portraying your brand image. We select suitable influencers who will be seen as authentic voices and customers for your brand.

Ascent's Online Reputation Management Services

SEO Reputation Management

Ascent's Online SEO reputation management opens up a world of possibilities for improving the rankings of your positive content while drowning out bad search results.

Online Reputation Repair

Our online reputation marketing expert fixes and mitigates the harm caused by negative reviews by investigating the source of the problem and offering reputation marketing solutions to resolve it

White Label Reputation Management

Are you having trouble managing your online reputation and monitoring your clients' business reputation management campaigns? Our reputation management agency in India provides white label reputation management services to focus on your core business while improving your daily operations.

Review Response

Our online reputation management company assesses your customers' feelings and composes a thoughtful and sincere response to their reviews.

Reviews Generation

Our review management team creates and implements an automated procedure and system to generate new, positive reviews for your company consistently.

Review Monitoring

Our online reputation management in digital marketing service puts up a method to track and notify you about new reviews, both negative and positive, so you always know where you stand.

Business Listing Management

We do frequent business listing audits to verify that all of your brand's information in local citations is SEO-optimized. We maintain your online presence constantly across the web while expanding your local listings with more customer reviews and excellent ratings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is programmatic marketing?
The automation of marketing initiatives is known as programmatic marketing. It entails the development of content, which enables deliverables to be put together and repurposed to match the needs of particular delivery platforms and audiences, as well as programmatic advertising, which allows ads to be bought and dynamically placed on websites or in applications.
What are the benefits of programmatic marketing?
Programmatic marketing is suitable for large and small organizations because it is entirely scalable in terms of the amount spent on ad campaigns. Because the market for publishers is so vastly larger than any other, it gives marketers a huge reach. For advertisers, it offers transparency that gives them complete control over their campaigns. Marketers can track which websites are hosting their ads, the audiences that are viewing them, and the ROI of their campaigns. Programmatic advertising uses real-time data application and analysis, and marketers get real-time access to this data. As a result, they can make decisions quickly, adjust campaigns as needed, and assess them as deployed.
What are programmatic marketing services?
The programmatic marketing services use real-time bidding capabilities to purchase an ad impression when the user is most likely to engage. Businesses availing of the programmatic marketing services can get the most out of their paid advertisements online.
What is the benefit of hiring a programmatic advertising agency?
A programmatic advertising agency develops highly targeted digital advertising campaigns by collecting relevant data from data management platforms and analytics tools. They identify the right platforms that help businesses reach out to potential customers based on business online presence, objectives, target audience, and brand image. They then also create click-worthy ads with optimum use of visuals and texts. The best programmatic advertising agencies will regularly track and monitor all the programmatic ad campaigns.
What is programmatic display advertising?
Most of the typical ads you encounter from brands online are display advertisements. These small banner adverts are placed programmatically, highly targeted, and personalized. The term "programmatic display advertising" specifically refers to one particular type of format - the display ad. Without establishing this distinction upfront, programmatic display cannot be discussed. It is the automated purchasing and selling of banner advertising displayed in applications, on social media platforms, or in particular locations on websites.
Is programmatic marketing beneficial for small businesses?
Due to its effectiveness, adaptability, and scalability, programmatic advertising is one of the digital advertising areas that is expanding the fastest. Programmatic advertising enables small businesses to compete on a level previously exclusive to huge enterprises with enormous expenditures. Those with a limited budget can use programmatic advertising by concentrating on retargeting campaigns. When traffic and conversions start to rise, approach can be changed by combining prospecting and remarketing. This will keep bringing in new visitors and retargeting individuals who leave the site without making a purchase.

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