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We at Ascent recognize the importance of marketing as a business component, and we make a great effort to ensure that all of your requirements are met.
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We at Ascent recognize the importance of marketing as a business component, and we make a great effort to ensure that all of your requirements are met. We’ll make sure your company gets in front of the right customers. Furthermore, we will plan a WhatsApp marketing strategy that will transform your company into a reputable and trusted brand. We will ensure that your brand awareness is significantly increased, resulting in your company’s growth and development.
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Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing Services

Increases online visibility

Helps to engage with customers directly

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Great brand positioning

Builds user loyalty

Our WhatsApp
Marketing Strategy


Goals and KPIs Identification

We discuss the goals and marketing objectives with our clients to stay focused and pinpoint the KPIs to keep a look at whether the goals were achieved or not. In the case of promotional messages, our KPIs are click, customer retention rates, and engagement.
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Target Audience Research

All our marketing campaigns begin with thorough audience research. WhatsApp marketing India also entails analysis to avoid guesswork and plan the strategies accordingly.


WhatsApp Business App Installation

After we are very well aware of our client’s target audience, we move forward to create a WhatsApp business account that entails features like catalogs, quick and automated replies, statistics, and labels.
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Brand Persona Creation 

We begin by creating an engaging brand persona that represents your brand to bring consumers in. This persona is consistent throughout all the channels where our client’s brand is present.


Contact List Creation 

We place lead magnets on our client’s website pages to get subscriptions from the interested ones to choose WhatsApp for regular updates. We segment the contact list to deliver each subscriber’s personalized updates for better engagement which ultimately boosts conversions.


Communication Design 

We don’t stick to promotional messages; instead, we are one step further. Ascent focuses on educating the target audience using videos, pictures, animations, and emojis.  We don’t need the over-send message; instead, we are aware of the annoying state being bombarded with many texts. 


Customer Service Delivery

Our excellent customer service distinguishes us from our competitors as we provide customers with real-time support. We address their issues which in return develops a sense of trust for our client’s brand. We also get feedback from customers directly to provide a much better experience through our Whatsapp services.
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WhatsApp Marketing Services

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WhatsApp Customer Support

Our WhatsApp customer support service for WhatsApp marketing allows clients' potential audience and customers to reach us through a channel they already understand. We create a chatbot that helps every customer with a personalized experience.

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WhatsApp Status Updates

Regular status updates help us gather feedback. We use status to share our client's product updates, special offers, promo codes, flash sales, etc., on WhatsApp groups and in the status. 

WhatsApp Broadcast List Strategy

WhatsApp Broadcast List Strategy

We gather a group of recipients to send relevant campaigns to our client's customers and target audience. This service of ours retains and engages the audience.

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WhatsApp Transactional Messages

We provide WhatsApp transactional message services in a way that piques customers' interest. 

WhatsApp Bulk Marketing Services

We also provide bulk WhatsApp marketing services to send professional bulk messages over WhatsApp.  This includes texts, audio, and videos. 

WhatsApp Product Catalog 

We create appealing catalogs for our client's brand. Potential audiences may browse and show interest in the products and ask questions about them in real-time on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Outreach Campaigns

Launch a series of customized WhatsApp campaigns in bulk. At a large scale, promote your products, services, and offers. Make tempting deals to entice customers with Ascent's Outreach Campaigns.

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WhatsApp Messaging Analytics

The WhatsApp business tool gives us information like the overall number of messages received, the number of messages sent,  and how many are opened. We can gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.

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