Dupont's Retail Branding Exercise

Dupont – Seasonal Branding

Location: Maharashtra

No. of Outlets: 300 outlets

Duration: 1 Month

Branding in Retail

Since retail locations are the most important contact points between a company and its consumers, retail branding has a promising future. It assists in reshaping and moulding the customer’s view. In-shop and out-of-shop branding aids brands in gaining eyes, which increases mind share and conversions by being visible throughout the retail outlet with the appropriate visibility options. A comprehensive out-shop branding strategy is essential to every retail branding campaign. 

Retail Branding for DuPont

By utilizing the power of this type of branding, we assisted DuPont in increasing brand awareness, retail recall, and footfall at their retail locations by combining the correct branding tools and fresh new concepts.

At Dupont stores, we used branding tools Arch Gates and Buntings to establish a brand ambiance and long-lasting brand recall among customers and shoppers.

We thought of more ideas and produced a better customer experience due to the coordinated efforts of excellent material sourcing, professional support staff, high-quality procedures, and personalized creative development.


By effectively using the right branding tools and innovative new ideas, we successfully boosted brand awareness, retail recall, and foot traffic at their retail locations.

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