UPL Digital Campaign in 5 States For Their Weedicides

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UPL Digital Campaign in 5 States For Their Weedicides



UPL Limited, (formerly United Phosphorus Limited), is an Indian multinational company that manufactures and markets agrochemicals, industrial chemicals, chemical intermediates, and specialty chemicals, and also offers crop protection solutions. Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, the company engages in both Agro and Non-agro activities.



UPL India in collaboration with Ascent Brand Communications wanted to promote two of its products which were Shagun and Vesta, ensuring high-quality crops for farmers of five different states of India (Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh)



The objective of our campaign began from increasing brand recall on digital platforms to generate participation and engagement, we had to enhance the audience reach of almost 10 million people in selected states and increase brand recall during peak season time.



We commenced this campaign at the time of Diwali (festival of lights in India) and because of diwali and Mega offer we introduced our campaign as “Shagun 21-11 ke sath gehu ki kheti dhamake wali ”. Our feedback system on the websites of the campaign was new for the farmers therefore it engaged them in large numbers.



The time period of the campaign was limited (25 days) and in this limited time, we had to perform all the activities and promote the products in the large rural territory of five states with different languages.



First, we identified the digital platforms of promotion which were Facebook, YouTube, Google Display Network and mobile marketing.

Our approach was an Integrated marketing strategy in which we used vernacular and informative posts for Facebook and GDN, videos posted on YouTube, GDN, and Facebook consisting of farmer’s reviews and USP of Shagun and Vesta.




We also used the missed call system in this strategy by mentioning a phone number on the posters for farmers to give a missed call to participate in the draw. We established an automated vernacular SMS system through which the message including a link for the website was sent to them, by clicking on the link they directly landed on the website to give their feedback about the product. For feedback, there were three easy options i.e., picture uploading, text message, and voice message. We kept a record of each feedback we received to provide further assistance to farmers.







  • Throughout the campaign, we received a lot of inquiries on Facebook as well as there were many responses on the website. We completed the campaign in a limited time period of 25 days.
  • We kept a regular track of the status of missed calls received which was more than 250 calls per day and contacted each caller.
  • The total no. of missed calls we received was more than 6.2k
  • We crossed the target of 10 million people and reached more than 14.5 million people, 70k link clicks were generated and more than 4.5 k participation was received within 18 days of the campaign.
  • Farmers were attracted by our feedback system on the website as it was unique and engaging.
  • Through GDN and YouTube, we generated more than 24.4 lakh and 15.4 lakh impressions respectively.
  • The contest strategy pulled a large farmer base towards the products, impressed by the campaign, many of them posted positive comments on our Facebook page.
  • We received tremendous response from all five states for our campaign which made it successful.




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