Digital Marketing for Small Businesses Targeting Rural India

Rural Marketing Services

Change is the only constant, and you must have heard this proverb probably 100 times. What difference are we talking about here? The entire focus is on the trends of Digital Marketing – the plans, strategies, and tactics. Whether you have realized or not, the primary festive season in India has just ended, and this […]

Small Towns and Rural Areas are Telling Different Story Against Slow Moving Market

The introduction of 4G at cheaper prices has given a boost to the use of mobile internet to an unconditional level. E-commerce is the trend and companies like Pepperfry, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc. have joined the bandwagon with other etailers. This festive season, these companies have seen immense growth from buyers coming from rural areas than […]

Brands Accustoming Early to Voice Can Have a First-Mover Digital Marketing Advantage

Where other technologies have almost reached their peak, voice-based techniques are in its early times. Brands with an awareness of digital marketing trends have already initiated to be innovative with voice-based tactics and want to be recognized as early innovators in this domain. On the other hand, digital companies are in search of different ideas […]

The Changing Role of Women in Rural India

Rural development has been a fundamental part of our life since ancient times. Our ancestors have accepted it as a way of existence and practice. But the restricted accesses to credit, medical facilities, and support from family are among the many problems women face in Rural India. However, even this scenario has changed and further […]

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