Mobile Apps Impacting Rural India Directly and Indirectly

Rural Marketing Services In India

The 21st century of India opened a new era of industrialization, globalization and liberalization. Key scientific innovation and discoveries led India to new heights; the multinational corporations (MNC’s) expanded their territory with an opportunistic view.

Best Social Media Platforms for Rural India

Social media platform for rural india

The total number of online users has increased over the years in both rural and urban areas across India. This is forecasted to cross the 639 million mark by the end of 2020. The reports say that majority of user access of the internet in India is from social media platforms. The year 2019 witnessed a surge […]

Targeting 10 Crore Indian Farmers Using Their Mobile Phones

Modern research analysts believe that by 2025, India will experience a digital explosion and that half of the users of the mobile network will be from rural India. With recent transformations, the technology has turned cheaper and easily affordable by everyone irrespective of their income levels. The difference among students, daily wagers, business class, working-class, […]

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses Targeting Rural India

Rural Marketing Services

Change is the only constant, and you must have heard this proverb probably 100 times. What difference are we talking about here? The entire focus is on the trends of Digital Marketing – the plans, strategies, and tactics. Whether you have realized or not, the primary festive season in India has just ended, and this […]

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