Leading Rural Startups Changing Fortunes of Rural India

Rural Marketing in India

This list includes startups rooted in rural India, ranging from a variety of fields, including agritech, social innovation, and environmental sustainability. Impact on underprivileged populations, social innovation, and a startup mentality of scalability was some selection criteria.

Mobile Apps Impacting Rural India Directly and Indirectly

Rural Marketing Services In India

The 21st century of India opened a new era of industrialization, globalization and liberalization. Key scientific innovation and discoveries led India to new heights; the multinational corporations (MNC’s) expanded their territory with an opportunistic view.

Top Rural Marketing Agencies in India


On the whole, the Indian market scenario shows that marketers have not come out with very diverse and innovative rural marketing strategies for rural markets. However, marketers did build a different marketing mix for rural and agricultural markets. Today, there is a rising significance of marketing agencies for strategic rural marketing and innovative digital marketing […]

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