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Shriram Suraksha ki Siti

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Client: Shriram Fertilisers and Chemicals (SFC)

Product: Insecticides and Fungicides

Dealerships covered: 30 dealerships


Medium Deployed: Van Engagement, Standees, Posters, Props, life-size cutouts, Thematic Gifts



Shriram Fertilisers and Chemicals has been a dominant brand in northern India with a loyal customer base. This company of national repute brings products that are at par with the expectations of the farmers and experience of generations. With an extensive network of dealers, retailers, and distributors, they have made a name for themselves that speaks of trust, reliability, and quality. To give their end-users an enriched experience, Shriram had introduced a comprehensive range of crop care products. The  Crop Care Chemicals have 6 chemicals that are effective in countering pesticides and fungicides and provide complete care to the crop.

The brief was thus to embark upon a marketing initiative to promote the product amongst its TG. The brief instilled a great emphasis on developing fresh confidence about the product amongst its stakeholders.

An integrated promotional campaigned under the head ‘Suraksha Ki City: Jisne Bajai, Suraksha Pai’ was ideated by Ascent to achieve the task of product promotion.


Concept and Activity:

Activation Idea of ‘Suraksha Ki Siti: Jisne Bajai, Suraksha Pai’ was formulated to strike relevance and put across the message that farmers can get complete crop protection only through the Shriram CCC product range.


Siti which translates to whistle in English symbolizes alertness and vigilance. When the whistle is blown, it creates a sound that hits ears that alarms and catches attention.


The tag line that follows-Jisne Bajai, Suraksha Pai’ yet again refers to the assurance of protection that Shriram CCC products earn greater yield.

The activation was clubbed with other elements of branding efforts to amplify the effect of the whole campaign. A special van was designed to carry the whole activation which travelled extensively carrying the message of Shriram CCC and further intensifying the reach of the campaign. Compelling product messages across multi-medium and the right communication strategy ensured the success of the campaign.



Activities Undertaken

The campaign was aimed at incorporating the dealers as well as the end-users through interactive activities. A systematic approach was put into execution that involved thematic elements and engagement rounds.

As mandis are placed where a multitude of villagers and farmers gather, in the rural parlance, this area was targeted to attract the TG. Dealerships and retail points were also targeted where intensive branding activities were conducted.  Dealerships and retail outlets were mobilized through special game engagements and activations.

Our team, consisting of a promoter and an anchor would reach the dealership in the morning and inaugurate the activity. As a part of the activity, dealers were presented with thematic mementoes.

The dealers were gifted ticking tabletop clocks and a life-size cutout of the Shriram CCC product as a static reminder. It was then followed by engaging games and prize distribution.

The team would then move to the catchment villages where the same activities were organized. Ascent team schematically designed a game engagement that revolved around the campaign ‘Suraksha Ki Siti: Jisne Bajai, Suraksha Pai’. The game was a 2 round activity that was based upon the key messages of the product. Being a 2 player game engagement, it demanded prompt coordination and sync.


Game structure

Qualifier Round             Main Engagement Round              Winner


Qualifier Round: this schematically ideated round was a two-player game. 6 Standees having names of pests and fungi that affect the crops were arranged. These standees were to be hit by a bat that has Shriram CCC product branded on it.

The catch was the player will be blindfolded.The player who would hit the standees was blindfolded and his other teammate would guide him towards the posters. The team to complete the task was qualified to compete in the main engagement round.

The main engagement round was aimed at promoting the entire range of CCC products. In the round, the player had to choose the crops to be protected by insecticide and blow the whistle on the crop which was assuredly protected by CCC. The games created enough hype and hysteria amongst the crowd as they all thoroughly enjoyed. The winners felicitated at the end of every activation.


Results Achieved

  •  30 dealerships and 60 catchment villages were covered.
  •  4376 farmers were directly pitched


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