Mandi Campaign for Paddy & Cotton Crop in Punjab & Haryana

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Mandi Campaign for Paddy & Cotton Crop in Punjab & Haryana


This BTL campaign is the very first attempt to embark on the promotional campaign for Shriram aiming at the markets & Mandi’s in Punjab & Haryana for Paddy & Cotton Crop.

Paddy & cotton Crop is exposed to attacks from insecticides affecting the quality/valuation part of it. The crop therefore has to be protected against it. The basic function of the CCC is to provide protection against pests and fungus.

Shriram Fertilizers &Chemicals  has been at the forefront with its entire range of insecticides in north market and continues to serve to a host of farmer needs with power brands for both paddy and cotton crop.


  • To Promote & Project Shriram Fertilizers & Chemicals as the Ideal Insecticide for Paddy & Cotton Crop.
  • To Create hype in potential mandis of Paddy & Cotton belts in Punjab & Haryana
  • Aware farmers that Shriram Insecticides doesn’t affect the Quality & Valuation Part Of the Crops.
  • To Acquaint the Farmers with the Mannerism of Verifying an Product.


Our Pre Bike will move to the Villages first and Aware farmers about the Mela and Distribute Coupons for lucky draw then all the walk-ins first expected to go through at all the brand counter at our Mela  like set up. Anchor will push these farmers for the same. Based on the interaction with brand promoter, farmers are expected to answer  few  questions before they proceed for main engagement.

Brand Counter :

At each of the brand counter , a dedicated brand promoter will orient farmers on the assigned brand only.  He will have a flip chart of that brand with him.

  • Product Information
  • Mode Of Action
  • Usage
  • Discount scheme

We propose a shoot out engagement console. Farmers, after Q A, are required to be on the canter .And  an air gun  in their hand , aim for insects.

Winners get some consolation. Like Umbrella, Wall clock, Torch, key chain.

Shriram ke “Char Dabang” is a portfolio of insecticide.  To stay close to the central theme of Char Dabang , Which means if you would be using Shriram Fertilizers & chemicals Insecticides in your field you would be Getting free from different infections caused to crops by insects. These Insecticides Are:

For Cotton Crop:

  • Shriram Shera
  • Shriram Attack
  • Shriram Ace 75
  • Shriram Gold 17.8

For Paddy Crops:

  • Shriram Carzeb
  • Shriram Cartap 4G
  • Shriram Buprofezin
  • Shriram Vamcin

Campaign Coverage

# Days Coverage Plan-Paddy Days Coverage Plan-Cotton
Pre Punjab 17 51 Villages/Mandi 18 35 Villages/Mandi
Main Punjab 17 51 Villages/Mandi 20 50 Villages/Mandi
Pre Haryana 17 49 Villages/Mandi 17 56 Villages/Mandi
Main Haryana 16 50 Villages/Mandi 16 60 Villages/Mandi

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