Shriram’s Weedicide Razor Innovative Rural Campaign

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Shriram’s Weedicide Razor Innovative Rural Campaign

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Client: Shriram Fertilizers, Touch Point: Mandi


Madhya Pradesh produces the most soybeans in India, which led to an increase in demand for weedicides. The market is still competitive, with a few dominant brands gaining market share. These brands have more traction in the marketplace, and farmers have been using them for years.


The brief demanded not to get in a competition and scream about the best quality that the product has. Instead, drive away farmers’ attention, by creating a unique communication campaign for our brand Shriram Razor.

A pilot activity was suggested with van campaign as a medium for 2 districts – Dhar & Harda.


Ascent created a memorable campaign called “Dimaag Ki Ghanti Bajao.” Dimaag Ki Ghanti is a term used in rural areas to describe one’s mental presence and intelligence. The aim was to establish a class of farmers who were aware of their surroundings and intelligent, i.e., their Dimaag Ki Ghanti Bajti Hai.


A schematic engagement was planned, where the farmers were invited to a pre-decided location in a target village. Also, the farmers of nearby villages were invited.

The engagement has 2 rounds, a qualifier, and a main engagement.

In the qualifier round, the farmers were interactively made aware of what they should look at in Shriram Razor and its applications.

This engagement intended to feed the TG’s mind with the differentiators of Razor as follows:

  • Long-lasting effect
  • Fights against 8 kinds of weeds
  • Gets absorbed in leaves and roots to provide the double effect.
  • Unfailing control

These features were communicated through a cue card-driven wheel.

Participants would pick up one cue card and then will move to spin the wheel. The wheel also had the same differentiatora as in the cue card.

The 4 participants having the matching cue card with wheel were qualified for the main engagement round.

Main engagement was planned to attain the campaign objective after having briefed participants about Shriram Razor. Ascent let participants bajao their Dimaag Ki Ghanti . There were total of 5 bells mounted on the standees. 4 of them were hosting Shriram Razor Differentiator and 1 was handled by Anchor with message of Dimaag Ki Ghanti Bajao – Shriram Razor Apnao.

Now all four participants were required to ring their bell in tune with Anchor and whosoever misses to do will be out of the game. This means their Dimaag Ki Ghanti Nahi bajti Hai.


Since the campaign was planned in mid-Rabi season, it was difficult to catch the farmers at one place, as they would be in their fields. Thus, a step plan was devised.

Step 1: Key opinion leaders and potential farmers (based on land holding) were identified. Also, the place of doing activity was decided.

Step 2: After zeroing in on the list, the farmers were given personalized invitations to attend the activity by visiting them in their fields.

Step 3: The activity concluded with the invited farmers being engaged and finally a lucky draw happening at the location.


We covered 115 villages in 32 van days. Out of 115 villages, 32 were main villages whereas the other villages were touched upon through pre-activity.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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