Retailer Meet on Wheels for Devgen Seeds

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Retailer Meet on Wheels for Devgen Seeds

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Client: Devgan Seeds and Crops Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Subject: Retailer Meet
Target Group: Existing Retailers of Devgen
Coverage: Rajasthan, Parts of Haryana, UP and MP.
Duration: 31 days



Devgen aims to deliver the next green revolution in rice to growers that cultivate 60m ha rice in India and S.E. Asia. Devgen uses advanced biotechnology and molecular breeding technology to develop the Next Generation Hybrid Rice (NGHR) and crop protection solutions with a superior environmental profile.
Devgen wished to unleash its, then, soon to be launched pearl millet hybrid- Atheeva in an innovative fashion, staging a unique communication and marketing strategy.


Challenges Faced

  • Identifying Tenets of Demand Creation, brand awareness achieving profitability and maturity stage, by laying emphasis on the need for Product
  • Development and enhancing the brand-consumer alliance.
  • Maintenance of company retailer relationship in the competitive markets
  • Aligning the retailers with the agenda of the company
  • It was crucial to target all the TG at the right time and in the right season
  • Touching all the retailer base during the season in a short duration


Target Areas

  • Rajasthan,
  • Haryana,
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Madhya Pradesh



  • To present Devgen as a scientifically advanced company
  • To launch the new product amongst retailers
  • To orient retail on the new product and create awareness about the same


Role of Ascent

Ascent came up with a unique and innovative idea of conducting Retailers Meet in a minibus (Tempo Traveller), where not only all the retailers of the targeted location could be contacted but also focused upon individually. Their suggestions and queries handled separately and could be updated about the company and its products

A branded Tempo Traveller promoting Devgen was deployed at various locations in Rajasthan, M.P., U.P. and Haryana for 31 days. The Van had an LCD TV and seating arrangement for the retailers. The van had a storyline of Devgen’s process of developing its seed on the interior panels. This gave retailers a picturesque view of the same. The Tempo Traveller set out to various villages and conducted meets at the Taluka level. The retailers of the taluka were pre-invited. They were welcomed in the traditional way with Dhol and Tilak, and offered turban and then seated in the Tempo Traveller. The meet had an official presentation on LCD TV about Devgen’s new and existing products by Devgen representatives and a speech where they updated the retailers on various fronts regarding their product. This was followed by suggestions by the retailers and query handling if any. The meet ended with serving retailers refreshments followed by giving away gifts to them. This flow was followed at every taluka, and 3 -4 talukas on average were covered in a day.


Results Achieved

The unique concept of going to the retailers and then conducting a meet proved successful. It accomplished the expansion of a motivated and more loyal retailer base for the company. The idea of conducting the meet at the dealer’s taluka meant that retailers could be convinced easily to be a part of the meet. Since each meeting had only 8 – 12 retailers, the campaign meant being able to meet all the TG during the right season, individual attention to all the retailers and savings on expenses end too. It’s easy to explain and update and understand the requirements of the retailers if they are small in number and can be catered to individually. This meet had all the elements of a successful event in it and promoted the product and ensured that the clients’ need for a hassle-free retailer meet and covering all the targeted TG in the right season was realized


Retailers in meet  1000+

Locations Visited  100+

Meets conducted  100+[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][image_carousel images=”14449,14450,14451,14452,14453,14454″ click_action=”light_box” autoplay=”true”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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