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Prestige Cattle Feed Digital Marketing in 5 States


About Prestige

Premium Cattle Feed Manufacturer of Madhya Pradesh aims to provide a high quality cattle feed to the Cattle Owners their Cattles’ Well Being and for better Milk Production.


  • Zero Presence on Social Media
  • Insufficient brand awareness
  • Unsatisfactory lead generation

We started social media marketing for Prestige from SCRATCH

Digital Marketing Objectives

  • Increasing Brand Awareness on Digital Media
  • Enhancing audience reach on selected geography
  • Enhancing brand popularity
  • Generating new enquiries
  • Enhancing online reputation

Target Group

  • Cattle Owner
  • Dairy Farmer
  • Veterinary Physician
  • Farmer
  • Dairy Owner/Manager
  • Farm Supervisor
  • Farm Owner/Manager
  • Cattle Feed Owner/ Dealer/ Distributor

Target Area

  • Gujrat
  • Rajasthan
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Maharashtra

An Integrated Approach

  • Product Promotion with Strategic Campaigns
  • Informative GIFs
  • Product Awareness Videos
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Knowledge Sharing Series


It’s amazing to work on a cattle feed brand targeting farmers and dairy owners in the rural areas. Our client was a bit hesitant for his product category whether the digital route will be successful or not. But when we shared the statistical figures of rural consumption and behavioural aspect of farmers consuming data and spending their time on social media, we started the journey and thereafter never looked back. The response has been encouraging in initial few days itself when hundreds of comments and shares with substantial leads started pouring in.

We specially crafted the content strategy taking the TG in mind weaving local communication that too in local language be it Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati for the territories of MP, RJ, GJ and MH mainly. We developed the host of content comprising of images, snippets, GIFs, Videos for their vast product range and product features highlighting benefits to the farmers. We ran a few channel development campaign also, due to which hundreds of enquiries came in from respective territories which were later attended by the company representatives.

The brand has been successful in meeting out its objectives of brand awareness, brand recall, online reputation, and leads.

Overall the concerted efforts have been great from our team fetching phenomenal numbers within 3 months i.e. 60% Engagement increased, 6 lacs Impressions on YouTube, Post Engagement 86000, Page Clicks 58000, Enquiries more than 1600 etc.

Results Achieved within Three Months

  • Total Engagement of Facebook Page Increased: 60%
  • 58k + Page Clicks on Facebook
  • 86k + Post Engagement on Facebook
  • 1600 + New enquiries on Facebook within 3 months
  • 600k+ Impressions on YouTube
  • 324 New Subscribers on YouTube Channel from Scratch

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