Plantix Mobile App Rural Campaign in Punjab and Telangana

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Plantix Mobile App Rural Campaign in Punjab and Telangana


PeathGmbha german based company having a mobile application which is the world’s most downloaded app for farmers. Millions of customers use Plantix in order to identify diseases and nutrient deficiencies affecting their crops. For the first time in their farming life, our customers are able to obtain an accurate diagnosis. On top of this, we provide detailed advice on how to avoid crop loss and to minimise pesticide and fertiliser use. With Plantix, we are able to make a meaningful impact in farmers’ lives.

They were looking for an agency specialising in Rural Marketing for India and shared brief with us in which we have to formulate a strategy to increase the number of application downloads with the help of onground execution with certain objectives.



Product Category:Mobile Application

Target Markets:TN and PB

Coverage: Bhantinda, Mphali in PB and Rangareddy, Warangal and Karimnagar in Telangana

Activity Days: 30 days

Media Deployment:Van with branding, Engagement Game, Leaflets, Posters, Bioscope, video, Jingle and Mobile marketing.



Campaigns are supposed to target Indian smallholder farmers owning a smartphone. We intend to win new farmers for using the Plantix app in a number of selected regions. A farmer is considered an active user, if they have (a) downloaded the app and (b) used our core feature “health check” in order to identify a real issue they have with their crop.


Campaign Objective:

  • To educate farmers about advantages and utilities of Plantix app services.
  • To get them registered on platform.
  • To make them regular user of the service.
  • To generate enough WOM among farming community.


The Rational for the Campaign:

  • With the benefits of Plantix App services, farmers are going to get the advantage of technology and they can transform from traditional approach of farming to the modern way.
  • All this is going to happen with the help of his own mobile in this mobile age.
  • So mobile is going to change his fortunes forever and he can enhance his profits by appx 30-40%.


The Big Idea:

Plantix Mobile kheti is coined as communication drive to educate farmers about this revolutionary platform and make them the beneficiary of its outcomes.

Here mobile kheti could draw attention of farmers which is unheard term and can add curiosity.


Engagement Game:

Match the right columns and bulb will flash with every right answer.

Winner farmers will be given away freebies.


Bioscope- audio-visual experience:

Mela Engagement tool

Highly engaging tool where people curiously watch video story.

Rural people have used this in their childhood which they connect very easily with.


Activity Facts and Figure:

  1. Covered 550+ villages covered.
  2. Did 550+ activation among farmers.
  3. 12500+ app downloaded.
  4. Covered 5 district for 1 month.
  5.  5 vans running for 1 month.

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