National Steel Bullock Cart Race in rural geographies

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National Steel Bullock Cart Race in rural geographies

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Client: National Steel

Product: Steel Sheets

Area of coverage: Madhya Pradesh

Activation duration: 15 days

Media deployed: Standee, Banners, Posters, Print Ads, Audio Announcement, Van engagement




Since a long time, National Steel has been at the forefront of the production and distribution of high-quality steel products. They decided to promote their corrugated steel sheet product to the rural market because they have a good presence in central India. National Steel was to be portrayed as a partner in the celebration of the rural masses, according to the brief.




Rural sports are more than just competitions; they are also a wonderful way to reconnect with history. They give a chance to appreciate rural life in its purest form. As a result, Ascent came up with the concept of holding a Bullock Cart Race that included other BTL elements in order to complete the mission at hand.


Bullock cart racing is a renowned rural Indian sport known for its fast-paced action and adrenaline rush. It emphasizes strength, control, and power, all of which are central to our client’s ideology, so we combined them into a bullock cart race with a lucrative cash prize.


The whole campaign being centered on increasing the brand visibility, an integrated approach to branding was put into action. It involved retail branding, van engagement for publicity, and an event based activation.



Bullock Cart Racing:

For the bullock cart racing, two villages were picked up to conduct the event. A pre-publicity campaign was conceptualized to create buzz about the event which started 15 days prior to the main event day.


Fully decorated vans were deployed at catchment villages around these villages to promote the event. A house shaped van made with National Steel was specially designed to promote the race. It went from village to village and informed the villagers about the event.

Posters and banners were placed in different catchment areas to attract villagers’ attention and generate word-of-mouth publicity. Advertisements in different newspapers were used to generate public buzz. The names of interested participants from villages were recorded during the pre-publicity campaign.

The lucrative cash prize for the winners further piqued the interest of the villagers and created more buzz.



The Racing Event:

The bullock cart race was only held for one day. The race was held in a large stadium, with a stage set up to seat the dignitaries. To draw crowds, the entire venue was branded with National Steel posters. The venue was packed with people who had gathered in large numbers to watch this one-of-a-kind show. 2 events were held at two different venues where villagers of these catchment areas became part of this whole show. The villages where race were held are: Satwas and Pipariya


During the pre-campaign process for the race in Satwas, 24 villages were covered. The van that was used to promote the event drove through these villages and attracted participants. The race drew a total of 16 competitors. On the race day, the crowd thronged the race venue which was extensively branded and decorated. The event witnessed 7000 villagers who turned up in excitement to be a part of it.


For the race to be held in Pipariya, 8 villages were covered for the pre-publicity campaign. These villages were covered by a van that traveled in and out of them, distributing banners and posters. The villagers were made aware of the upcoming event and the cash reward through an audio announcement. The names of the participants were recorded by the promoter.


On the event day, a massive crowd was registered who came from far-off villagers to witness the race. 4000 villagers were part of the event.

Additionally, heavy merchandising and retail branding was done across the M.P belt to build the brand presence and create hype about the event.


The success of the whole campaign reflects in the crowd that gathered in numbers to witness the whole event. The event gave national Steel soaring visibility that resulted in people turning up for the event. The press coverage that followed the event made the brand even more popular.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][image_carousel images=”10612,10613,10614,10615,10616,10617,10618,10619″ click_action=”light_box”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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