Malav Seeds Rural Marketing Campaign for their Onion Seeds

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Malav Seeds Rural Marketing Campaign for their Onion Seeds


Client:Malav Seeds Pvt Ltd

Product Category:Vegetable Seeds

Target Markets:MP and RJ

Coverage: Ratlam, Neemuch, Mandsaur, Jhalavar, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Bhilwara and Kota Activity Days: 30 days

Media Deployment:Van with branding, Engagement Game, Leaflets, Posters etc.



This BTL campaign is an attempt to reach out to the Farmers in markets of Madhya Pradesh and Rajastan, covering Ratlam, Neemuch and Mandsore in MP and Jhalavar, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Bhilwara and Kota districts in Rajasthan

It is an Promotional Campaign of 25 Days Focuses on villages which have good potential and numbers of farmer growing Onions. With the purpose to educate, the farmers about the range of seeds which Malav have and their features.



The objectives of the communication strategy “Khiladiyokekhiladi”


  1. Building awareness about the range of Malav in onion seeds.
  2. Explaining them the benefits and features of the seeds range available.
  3. To acquaint the farmers with the help of engagement.



  • Malav seeds has a wide range of onion seeds and it has been enjoying lion’s share in the markets of MP and RJ. It has got good acceptance of Nasik N 53 among farmers but at the same time other range of onion seeds, despite all good quality and research is not being accepted by farmers out of unawareness and non-popularity.
  • Farmers in Nasik know N 53 as the only brand for which Malav seeds and others remain unnoticed and unaccepted.


Campaign and Connect with Cricket:


  • Cricket is a religion in India and its celebrated across caste, creed and geography. It connects with urban and rural equally across age brackets.
  • At the time of IPL, its fever multi-folds and everybody wants to get into it and enjoy it.

Leveraging cricket as the favourite of people, a range of products will be represented as strong performers/players of malav seeds which can help farmers score high as per their requirement by selecting a different types of performers (among wide range seeds) for desired output.


Activity Facts:


  • Worked 25 days in MP & RJ
  • Total 3 vans working
  • Covered 480+ Villages
  • Farmer Touched: 9000+
  • Travelled: 12000 KM
  • Missed Call received: 770



Field report- Analysis, suggestions and recommendations:

Teams have worked 8 villages per day in contrast of 6 villages and 8 hrs. working a day. Working more than that in this kind of summer is tough and exhaustive.


TheGame engagement played an important role as in the hot summers also people come forward to play and enjoy the game and received the information about the product.

The game comes out as a winning proposition which excited people enough to play leaving behind the age constraint. It made people get the idea of a wide range of products from Malav for the first time.


Role of anchor: As suggested in our main plan the role of the anchor was felt missing as this role was played by the promoter and somewhere our company’s field in charge as an extended role.


Suggestion: Its suggested to keep role of anchor where immersive engagement or communication is required to be targeted for justification of campaign.

Farmers are concerned about the price as it is on a higher side as compared to other brand like Prachi, bejusheetal, Prashant etc.Its good sign for the brand as it gives premium edge over local brands


In MP maximum farmers are using Desi onion seeds which they are developing on their own and not keen in hybrid seedsConstant connect with them by brand will influence them to switch looking at the consequences of desi seeds.


A campaign using cricket as a platform:



Freebie Distribution:


Data Collection:



Poster Application:


Missed Call Number:

It was good to rope in missed calls as an added medium which was utilized by farmers whether participating in engagement or not. Had there been no provision of missed call no. we would not have been able to get additional nos and the facility of getting this on a continued basis if it’s extended to help farmers and maintain the communication level and relationship for a long term basis.



Touched 9000+ farmers with the help of campaign
Covered almost 480+ villages in 25 days’ time
Travelled 12000 KM instead of 6000 KM

Which is a 200% return for the client.


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