Krishi Rath Yatra Rural Campaign for Govt of MP

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Krishi Rath Yatra Rural Campaign for Govt of MP

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Client: M.P Government

Project: Krishi Rath Yatra

Villages to be covered: 120+ Villages of M.P

Media Deployed: Audio/Video presentation, Van, Standee, Boards


Agriculture sector in India is one of the major contributors in country’s GDP. With 50% of nation’s total workforce, the sector has great potential for growth. But it is a known fact that agricultural sector is witnessing a rapid decline in production and income. The usage of age-old farming techniques, less awareness about latest farming techniques, use of low yield seeds and lack of mechanization are a few issues that our agricultural sector is witnessing.

In order to educate, inform and motivate farmers about new farming techniques, Government of Madhya Pradesh initiated a campaign ‘Krishi Rath Yatra’. The main aim of the program was to have one to one contact between farmers and agriculture scientists to discuss on subjects like animal husbandry, set up horticulture, fisheries etc.

Ascent, with its rich experience in experiential marketing and rural branding, joined hands with M.p govt. to help them achieve their motive.


  • Educate & Inform farmers about latest farming techniques.
  • Motivate farmers to use new farming techniques.
  • Initiate One-to-One interaction between agriculture scientists and farmers.
  • Penetrate maximum villages to disseminate the information.


To ensure that government’s initiative reaches maximum farmers, we conceptualized an effective A/V integrated communication approach. Since, the total no. of villages we had to cover was huge, 120+ villages, we used vans as the medium to disseminate the message. A total of 34 vans were used which were fully decorated and incorporated with Audio/Visual presentation.

Amidst fanfare and media glares, District magistrate, Shri M. K. Agarwal flagged off Krishi Rath Yatra.


The vans deployed for the campaign had exhibit panels and trained manpower to operate the presentation flawlessly.  Each van covered 3 Gram Panchayats where is covered every nook and corner announcing the TG about the Rath Yatra and different government schemes for farmers.

The Van played announcements about the whole Krishi Rath Yatra and urged the farmers to assemble at a pre-defined venue. The venue was decorated with standees and adequate seating arrangements were made for the gathering.  During the main event, the farmers were showed interactive and informative videos on farming. The scientists present at the venue listened to the queries of farmer and educated them of various topics related to farming and related industry.


By the end of the whole initiative which lasted for 21 days, more than 214200 farmers of 34 districts were covered.

The initiative with the help of Ascent’s expertise managed to touch 8 lacs farmers[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][image_carousel images=”13752,13753,13754,13755,13756,13757,13758,13759″ click_action=”light_box”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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