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Digital Brand Marketing Agency Services to Meet Your Needs

In the era of neck-to-neck competition, the right digital brand marketing solutions can be the game changer for any business. So come on, put your best foot forward and align your goal with our services as we map out strategies that will achieve your goals in the most brilliant way possible.

Strategic Digital

We use our in-depth knowledge to understand your business, customers.

Strategic Rural

With the experience of 18 years on the field dealing with many brands handling.

Strategic Marketing

The crux of marketing and communications is the expanse of masses and classes.


Mobile marketing relates to any promotional activity that takes place on smartphones.

Who we are

We at Ascent have been in the strategic brand & marketing consulting business for more than 18 years, working with reputed brands right from MNC to national and regional ones catering to multiple product categories like Agri input, Agriculture, Automobile, Consumer Durable, FMCG, Financial, Health, Industrial among the major ones.

Ascent has been a pioneer in the business of marketing and brand with a rich working portfolio of brands from across the categories with the differentiated approach of strategic and conceptual planning, giving 360-degree services encompassing Rural Marketing, Digital Marketing, Brand & Marketing Consulting services.


360 degree Strategic Planning

We are one of rare agencies having the right blend of strategic planning and on-ground translation abilities, which is possible only by a team of experienced and talented people behind the show who work day in day out on projects strategically and operationally.
Every brief or problem is treated with the utmost attention and care, formulating an overall integrated marketing plan encompassing every aspect to give you a cutting edge brand marketing solution with higher return and impact.

360 degree Strategic

Cutting Edge
Marketing Model

Reporting and


Let’s Push the Boundaries of
Growth and Success – Together

Case study

A glimpse of our digital strategy,
content planning and strategic designs.

Case study

A glimpse of our digital strategy,
content planning and strategic designs.

Web Stories

Check here latest web stories related to marketing industry, latest trends, marketing tips, campaign ideas, and much more only on Ascent.

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They are all very happy with our working style. And see what they say about ASCENT

Mr Rakesh Jain

Ascent team works excellently on the brief and always comes up with great campaign ideas which go fabulously well on-ground in meeting the targeted communication objectives.

Subodh Dakwale

ED, Indian Oil Corp Ltd

I was impressed to see innovative and novel way of educating the people about ways of LPG which can transform life. This will go a long way in propagating the schemes of government.

Nishath Haroon

CRI, In-charge Marketing Services

The main objective was to reach all farmers across pan India and this was very much successful rural campaign through Ascent. Ascent helped us in framing and executing strategy.

Our Clients

Latest Blogs

We endeavour to keep you abreast with current trends, knowledge, -developments,
thought processes, innovations in the industry.

For Daily Updates You Can Subscribe to Our Newsletter

For Daily Updates You Can Subscribe to Our Newsletter

Why Ascent?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your operational area?
We have no restriction for consulting services and digital marketing services where we are operational across the globe. As far as offline services are concerned, we are restricted to India.
What types of clients do you handle?
There is no restriction of clients and product/service categories as we have handled the majority of categories and a diverse client range for different services. We love to take up any brief/requirement as per your need or problem statement. We love to address the problem by giving you cutting edge solutions leveraging our diverse experience.
Do you work on a project basis or retainer ship basis?
Both as per the suitability to the client.
What is the retainership fee model?
The retainership model is highly prevalent for any consultancy, digital marketing services, which are managed on a monthly retainer model for a minimum contract period of 1 year. Since brand, marketing, and digital or social media are such services that are to be continued for a longer period, the retainership model is highly preferred by clients, which also comes as a convenient and economic model.
Do you provide a dedicated account manager?
Yes, mostly all our services have the provision of a dedicated account manager.
In what situation does copyright infringement initiate?
Copyright infringement will be when an idea or plan is shared which is used directly or indirectly by the client without paying the applicable fee to us.
What sets your digital marketing agency apart from others?

Unlike other operators/agencies, we offer strategic digital marketing, which is differentiating offering in the market where the client’s business is thoroughly observed and analyzed before actually starting on the project, which gives us enough understanding about the client’s business gaps and requirements so that strategic solutions can be planned and implemented for your digital marketing. You can also explore our approach to Strategic Digital Marketing.

What are your service areas and hours of operation?
We operate across India with business hours from 9 am to 6 pm. However, you can contact us by submitting your details here.
How much do you charge for your rural marketing services?
We have a tailor-made approach for all rural marketing services we offer. Please get in touch with our strategy team to understand your requirements so that the pricing proposal can be shared with you.
How big is your team ?
We have a large team from different walks of life with a cumulative experience of more than 120 years from the brand, marketing, content, copy, strategy, design, technology, project implementation experience with brands of repute with a perfect blend of MNC, National and regional brands.
How is your process of handling the client's requirements?
We love to address clients’ business requirements addressing their pain areas by giving them cutting edge marketing solutions leveraging our in-depth marketing and industry experience. We take up the brief requirement and work upon it to share the queries with you to better understand the brief. Once all the details reach us, our strategy team starts working on it and shares the strategic plan online by setting up an online meeting. Once the idea or plan is approved, commercials are shared as per the budget. Once everything is okayed, the contract is signed off, and the relationship begins with you.
Do you charge for an online consultancy ?
Yes, depending on the consultation, we charge a fee. We provide you with online or offline consultancy depending on your problem statement. But yes, online consultancy would be economical as compared to offline.
What is the project fee model?
Some assignments are given on a project basis and not on a retainer basis are called the project basis fee models. Here, the fee is charged as per the project duration, complexity, involvement, man-hours basis. The project duration could be on a day or month basis. Here the client has the commitment of fee as per the delivery of services.
Can the annual contract/agreement be cancelled mid-way?
Yes, of course, it can be cancelled by giving us one-month prior notice.
Do you collaborate with any other marketing agencies?

Yes, we are open to new ideas and business collaborations, looking at the business potential and partnership synergies. You can check Partnership and share your details, and we shall soon get back to you.

How many hours or days do you plan to devote to my digital brand marketing campaign?

We have different pricing structures along with working hours to be devoted by our team as per the opted scope of work by you. You can enquire here and ask us for a suitable pricing plan for your business.

How do you carry out your rural marketing campaigns?
We have a strategic approach for taking up any rural marketing campaign. We share a questionnaire about your business and marketing requirements for a better understanding. Once the questionnaire is received at our end, we plan to set up a meeting with you to take the discussion forward. Post-meeting, our strategy team works and shares a first-cut plan presented in an online meeting, and queries are answered there. Once the client approves the idea/concept/strategy, we start preparing for the execution/ roll-out of the campaign.


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With over 20 years of experience, we know exactly what your business requires and how to meet them.

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