Queen’s Baton Relay by hero Moto Corp for their dealers

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Queen’s Baton Relay by hero Moto Corp for their dealers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Client: XIX Common Wealth Games and Hero Honda

Activity: Queen’s Baton Relay 2010

Activity Duration: 25 days



The Queen’s Baton Relay is a relay held worldwide before the Commonwealth Games. The baton carries a message from the Head of the Commonwealth, currently Queen Elizabeth II. The Relay traditionally begins at Buckingham Palace in London as a part of the city’s Commonwealth Day festivities. The Queen entrusts the baton to the first relay runner. At the Opening Ceremony of the Games, the final relay runner hands the baton back to the Queen or her representative, who reads the message aloud to open the Games officially.


Highlights of the Event

  • Replica Baton rally across village en route QBR
  • QBR Welcome Reception


To build hype and unite masses before the official QBR in the state

Challenges faced

10 locations in five days with an eclectic mix of activities


Target Areas

13 locations across Madhya Pradesh


Role of Ascent

The Replica QBR exchanged hands with the bearer at each different activity location and then the next set of bearer takes it forward. For the same, temporary setups were created at those venues

In a 25 days long campaign deploying five raths using a van, different touchpoints were explored such as schools, colleges and hangouts in the vicinity of main dealers and sub-dealers. Besides, a rally was also organized at each of the dealer’s location led by pre-identified opinion leaders.

Queen’s baton relay had a five-day long plan in the state. With an aim to extend warm reception and encash on the already built buzz by Replica QBR, Ascent executed branding at 13 locations with a host of branding items such as Pole sign, designer gate, stage, vertical kiosk, cubes and other branding items. For installation of such items, a stretch of 2 km was targeted. In addition to the above branding, a professional dance troupe at the main caravan, freebies, and an outdoor hoarding activity was done.


Results Achieved

  • Brand awareness of Hero Honda
  • Gathering of the audience for the event
  • Participation of audience in the event


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