Hero Reaches out to Milk Dairies in Rural MP

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Hero Reaches out to Milk Dairies in Rural MP

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Client: Hero & HDFC

Activity: Hero Dairy Farmer HDFC Van Campaign

Activity Duration: 32 days


Hero, in partnership with HDFC, offers milk cooperatives low-interest loans. They needed a strategy for marketing the loans.

We devised a two-stage strategy for them in order to catch them where they are. A pre-activity float and the main activity float were included in the activity. The campaign’s operation touchpoints were milk cooperatives.



  • To Educate and aware TG About Hero.
  • To increase the sales by Awaring Farmers About The finance Facility.
  • Encourage target audience to know more about the Hero and HDFC Finance Plan.
  • To provide test rides to personally experience The Bike.



To keep farmer glued and excited about the main activation. For all those who could not attend either of the activation (prebuzz or main) will get to call in at an inbound number to get there mobile coupon and can walk with it into a nearest dealership to avail the offer.



To reach out to dairy farmers pan MP, Ascent proposes a two facet approach wherein we first  spot them at milk collection centers. These milk collection center are majorly located in Tehsil places.

Our team would locate such milk collection center, prebuzz in terms of bannering, postering  and seeking prior permission for the main event.

Second, locating milk collection center will be a precursor to our main activation that will happen on the Second day where in a canter with a display of 1 bikes will reach the same location with finance facility.


Stage 1

Pre-Activity Float –

  • The team comprising of a salesperson and a supervisor, along with a TATA Ace, visited the milk co-operative centers.
  • The team would collect the data and inform the TG about the scheme.
  • The same data was then passed on to the main activity team


Milk Collection Centre inviting target group


Data collection from target groups


MIO Providing Information


Information about scheme


Encouraging customers


Participation of TG


Stage 2


Main Activity float –

  • According to the data shared by the pre-action team, a branded Eicher along with a sales manager from a nearby dealership, an HDFC supervisor, and an activity supervisor will visit the milk co-operatives.
  • The team would set up an inquiry desk to sort out the queries generated by the TG.
  • Test drives were given to the interested customers.
  • Leafleting was done around the setup to ensure brand connection.


Separate Desk and Enquiry Centre


Van at a collection centre


Encouragement of TGs towards the product


Providing information to milk sellers



Data Collection


Enrollment of test rides


Customers doing test rides


TGs Purchasing bike



Pre Float:

Visitors- 2700+

Leads- 1000+

Hot Leads- 190+

Sales- 14


Main Float:

Visitors- 1500+

Leads- 900+

Hot Leads- 150

Sales- 22[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][image_carousel images=”13891,13892,13893,13894,13895,13896,13897,13899,13900,13901,13902″ click_action=”light_box”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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