Farmer Campaign for Dupont Algrip in Punjab & Haryana

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Farmer Campaign for Dupont Algrip in Punjab & Haryana


This BTL initiative aims to reach out to farmers in Haryana and Punjab’s markets.

It was a 15-day promotional campaign in Haryana and a 15-day campaign in Punjab with the aim of educating, training, and raising awareness about DuPont Algrip’s quality and productivity after use in the sector.

Our theme was AlgripNahi DuPont Algrip, which meant that you could use DuPont Algrip in your fields to keep weeds at bay. Approximately 8600 farmers were influenced by the operation.


  • To Promote & Project DuPont Algrip.
  • The campaign was beneficial for DuPont Algrip users as well as non-aware farmers about the quality of insecticides and the productivity they should expect after using them.
  • To familiarize farmers with the method of identifying a product.
  • To inform them that if they used DuPont Algrip in their area, they would see a significant increase in productivity.

Fact & Figure:

Van No. of days Round of engagement Audience
Punjab Van 1 15 95 1900
Punjab Van 2 15 99 2005
Haryana Van1 16 231 2570
Haryana Van2 16 70 2189

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