DuPont Coragen Rural Marketing Campaign for Sugarcane in UP

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DuPont Coragen Rural Marketing Campaign for Sugarcane in UP


Client: Dupont

Activity: Dupont Coragen Sugarcane Campaign

Activation Duration: 25 days



This BTL Campaign is an attempt to Embark on the promotional campaign for DuPont Aiming at the Sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh.

DuPont is 25 Days Van Campaign focuses on Sugarcane Farmers so that they came to know more about the Coragen Usage



  • To Promote & Project DuPont Coragen as the Ideal Insecticide for Sugarcane Crop
  • Encourage & Educate Farmers about the application of the Insecticide
  • The campaign will be Beneficial for the Sugar mill, Sugarcane farmers, DuPont Non Users


Role of Ascent

As Our Theme is “Coragen Apnaneka Jindagi Mein Badlav Lane ka” so our main aim is to convey this message to every farmer at Sugarcane Mill. This campaign includes 8 phases:-

  • Welcome All the farmers to the Sugar mill
  • Qualifier Game
  • Main Game
  • Felicitation
  • Drench Application
  • Oath Ceremony
  • Rally
  • Banner Installation

After reaching the sugar mill, the team will set up the engagement console. Once a sizeable crowd has been gathered, the anchor will commence the Qualifier Engagement and Main Engagement. After the main engagement concludes, winners will be announced, followed by a felicitation ceremony. Then our Manpower Gives the Demo About the Coragen Application. After That Oath will be taken by the Farmers and the Activity is concluded by the rally and banner installation.


In Cluster 1


Giving Instruction About the main game


MIO Giving Speech


Qualifier Game


MIO Talking to farmers


Flag off


Instructing Identifying Dots


Product Awareness by Anchor


In Cluster 2


Giving Knowledge about Qualifier Game


Sales Head distribute freebies


how to spray Coragen


MIO telling benefits of Coragen Spray


Oath taken by farmers


Results Achieved


Visitors– 6000+

No. of felicitation-100 +

Palm Expressions- 450+


Round of Engagement-100+


Leads Generated-668



Visitors- 6000+

No. of felicitation-90+

Palm Expressions- 250+


Round of Engagement-250+


Leads Generated-840+[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][image_carousel images=”14614,14613,14611,14609,14608,14603,14604″ click_action=”light_box” autoplay=”true”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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