CRI Pumps Offline Rural Marketing Campaign in Tamil Nadu

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CRI Pumps Offline Rural Marketing Campaign in Tamil Nadu



This BTL campaign was an attempt to reach out to the TG in  markets of Tamilnadu. It was a Promotional Campaign of 90 Days focusing on the locations where in the farming is the main occupation of the people.



The objectives of the communication strategy “DauteRahoo”


  • To target TG with hard hitting communication campaign resulting in Brand Building and qualitative Leads
  • To create high buzz and visibility of brand
  • To Educate TG about the benefit of using CRI pumps using the Innovative Engagement.



Concept and Execution



  • Double the working capacity-
  • High discharge-
  • Low power consumption-
  • Wide voltage operation-
  • Longer durability-
  • Less service cost-
  • After sales service-
  • BEE star labeled-
  • Warranty 2 years




The features show the Versatility of CRI  pumps and come out as true champions

A Champion (Hero) always believes in keep  running all the time, untiring and unwavering.


Here CRI matches the spirit with those untiring farmers who work day in day out on fields, in odd situations and adverse conditions for producing food for the country.

Inspiring with this thought, winning spirit and ideology ofCRI, it brings the  campaign reflecting its core values and connecting with farmers who have  been immense contributors in progress and today’s firm standing of CRI.


Activity Flow

This campaign includes multiple phases:-


  •  Invite Distribution(AmantranDaudteRaho)
  •  Event Setup
  •  TG Interaction
  •  Engagement Session (DaudteRahoo)
  •  Leaflet Distribution
  •  Freebies Distribution
  •  Lead Generation

Success achieved

Awesome experience


  • Since the game was a major innovation which became a center stage of attraction. Farmers were taking participation in the game wholeheartedly by running on the wheel and demonstrating their strength just like CRI pumps. The giant wheel first scared the people but when they started attempting it one by one, the environment started becoming encouraging and involving.
  • During the game engagement process, they were getting messages conveyed effortlessly.



WOM generated


  • Entire set up of the van and game engagement generated lot of word of mouth in the village which attracted many more farmers to attend the show. Invites also used to be distributed to increase the footfalls at the show.

Appreciation received


  • All the farmers gathered in the show appreciated the game and product range with a thorough understanding of product features.
  • The intention and purpose of the game engagement were solved on receiving such appreciations from farmers at large.


Challenges faced

No work can be accomplished honestly and sincerely without few challenges popping up owing to many internal and external factors. We too faced these which sorted out timely with the help of team from both the sides. These challenges we have presented below with the suggestion of solutions for future course corrections in campaigns.

1.  Route plan was a major issue.

Had there been a handy route plan by the support of your field team or dealers, we would have achieved more nos in terms of village coverage and audience engagement.

2.  Alignment of dealer for enhancement of the activity

Dealer alignment is actually a challenge for companies which can be addressed in future campaign by a pre orientation program before campaign roll out so that objectives and outcomes are cleared to them for a collective responsibility to achieve desired nos.

3 Field team support

We would recommend you to have a field team orientation before campaign roll out for a smooth operation and clarity in the goals to be achieved. Since field team is deeply rooted and connected with dealers, a collective responsibility can be ascertained.

4. Technical Issue in the game.

Since it was an innovation hence technical glitches were witnessed and corrective measures were taken by troubleshooting by our specialist team.

5. Less availability of space for bigger vehicle in the market

As we deeply penetrated in the small villages, parking space became a bottleneck in some of the locations. To address this problem in future campaigns, we recommend you to go with small team after dispersing from van by doing door contacts.

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