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Brand Identity Development for a liqour brand


About the company:

The company KM Sugar Mills is in the business of manufacturing sugar, distillery products and the generation of electricity and the unit is situated in Faizabad (UP). The company has a sugar plant capacity of 9000TCD, a distillery plan of 45KLPD and a Co-generation plant of 25MW.


Product Brief:

The company also established its name in the field of sugar export-import, domestic sugar trading along manufacturing activities. Under their new initiative of country liquor manufacturing, they wanted to plan for a new brand and its identity development for their UP market.



  • Brand Awareness
  • To increase the product visibility
  • To build product identity


Role of Ascent:

We got the mandate of coming up with the brand name and further planning of its identity keeping its local connect in mind.

We had the challenge of getting the branding done which is comprehensive and can easily connect with locals. Of course, Hindi is highly acceptable for easy understanding but giving a touch of English also needed to be given for an elite and English label look. Brand names picked up which are easy to understand at the same time giving a much familiar but rich look was also essential.

We came up with the identity of their brand names i.e. King’s Classic, Queen’s Classic and Hunter’s Classic for the vast market in small town and rural areas.


King’s Classic


Queen’s Classic


Hunter’s Classic


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