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New Holland Rural Campaign in 5 States

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Client: New Holland India Pvt LtdProduct Category: Agricultural TractorsTarget Markets: Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh & GujaratDealership Covered: MP(44),UP (55) & Guj (17) Villages Covered: MP(360 ),UP (480 ) & Guj (240 ) Media Deployment: Van Activation, Direct Interaction at dealership via Kiosk , Tele marketing-Inbound/Outbound, Banners & Print Ads




Tractor being high involvement category necessitates elaborate efforts on the marketing front having superiority at its core. New Holland has always been at the forefront in recognizing the needs of Indian farmers and providing them with technologically advanced products to fulfill their requirements. It was critical for New Holland to work hard to demonstrate the superiority of its tractors to farmers and to be seen as a wise option.


The timing of the same was the next point of concern in order to make the most of the situation. Farmers often time their purchases to coincide with auspicious festive occasions, which begin with Navratra and end with Diwali.

As a result, there is a lot of buzzing and humming around in rural markets as farmers know their harvest and are better able to make purchasing decisions. Every year, a significant portion of the overall revenue in the tractor industry comes from the replacement sector. And apart from attempting first-time buyers, the brief gave current customers of new Holland tractors and others equal weight. Furthermore, during Diwali, the dealership sees an increase in foot traffic, which turns out to be genuine customers. The goal of the brief was to find a way to ensure that the same was completely converted.


In totality, the brief mandated to surround farmers with relevant outreach strategies to elicit a favorable behavior out of them.




After many deliberations and discussions between Ascent and client team Ascent pushed the envelope further in the form of an integrated program themed “Pragati ki Chaabi” which had been active across MP, Gujarat & UP from 21st of September. “Pragati ki Chaabi” aimed at driving farmers to dealerships to facilitate offering test drives of latest technology NH tractor models and incentivizing them on sidelines.


To reach out to farmers, an integrated activation approach that involved Tele-calling (inbound & outbound), Newspaper Ads, Road-shows, and Dealer point activation had been taken up. The link between all these medium and dealership was a key that farmer stands to get it through either roadshows or by directly walking into a dealership. Farmers with their keys were expected to turn up at the dealership.


The key fetched goodies, to do so they had to unlock a yellow box with the given key and get their surprise goodie. The communication strategy for the integrated program was conceived to be “ Pragrati Ki Chabi”. Our chosen communication strategy was an immediate hit with the farmers because New Holland’s batch of tractors and the technology installed endorsed the concept of change and development.


Activity- The concept was beautifully transformed into cohesive actions which synchronized each deployed media to leverage the same to the fullest. The telemarketing team of 30 callers took precedence and kick-started the initiative with a base of 1 lacs existing tractor owners. The primary role was to announce the program, request the participation of those who are called, and inform them about the arrival of the promotion van to create buzz around it.

Inbound was added 3 days later with the commencement of newspaper ads so as to ensure steady incoming traffic. By this time a lead management system was live and active that passed on the genuine leads to sales/dealership for closure. The telemarketing has been proven to be an important route to disseminate product-related information. In the line was the activation of dealer point’s kiosk where all the dealerships were equipped with a full-time promoter for a month to entertain walk-ins.


The aim of this project was to get as many test drives as possible and to reward those who did so or purchased the tractor. With the support of the dealer team, we were able to achieve success. The program’s “unveiler,” as it were, was stationed at the kiosk. As previously stated, the key as a connection basically provided an experience for walk-ins by requiring them to open a box with three locks.


The key could only open one box and the item stored in that box was the take away of that farmer thus incentivized. Alongside kiosk some branding at dealer point also helped drive farmer into a festive mood. A gate outside dealership beautified and evoked query from the passer by. Vans indeed provided adrenaline to the whole integration and reached out to farmers at village level. The villages were strategically sorted out under each dealership. The vans encouraged farmers to visit the designated dealership to avail the offer.


Encouragement was entrusted by the way of an engagement devised on the lines of toss-a-ring which focused majorly on the features that makes for technologically advanced NH tractors.

Each van covered between 4-5 villages each day and moved to next set of villages under another dealership location. The cycle continued in this fashion. Vans have generated huge momentum and enquiries which were real time sent to call center to further persuade them to visit the dealership.


The bannering squad, which came before the van activation, was on a task to cover each dealership location with 200 banners. The aim was to place high on the priority list of farmers who came to the dealership. We pushed farmers with weekly print advertising during the entire length of this integrated program. Since print ads were eating into the budgets heavily, we ve identified the pocket with maximum circulation amongst the TG and concentrated there.


A good mix of top 2 newspaper helped optimized the exercise. All these media being a judicious mix in the given target area benchmarked entire program as the most successful attempt in the history of New Holland Tractor and served best to the set objectives of “Pragati Ki Chaabi” Scale & Results “Pragati Ki Chaabi” involved huge manpower as at each dealership location we had deputed one promoter, who was instructed by a supervisor handling 5-6 dealerships. Since diwali being the most favorite festival curbing attrition was a challenge that Ascent overcame by hiring and training manpower with relevant background from dealership location only.


As a result no attrition was reported from anywhere. For training also specially developed module in local languages were developed. Training was undertaken by a central team who would to go each location and train the manpower before the roll out.

In total 116 dealership, 9 vans , 30 seater call center and 186 manpower meant a herculean task. The devised central team at Ascent was lean and efficient. Central team composed of 4 main functions. One handled van operations. A total of 9 vans on roll for the activation. MP, UP and Gujarat ve seen 3,4 & 2 vans ran objectively. Second was in charge of dealer point promotions. Had state head for each state. Each state had a state head who would control the supervisor. Super visor in turn monitored dealership location.


By the end of campaign on 28th Oct throughout, M.P. has witnessed 40 days of activation under 45 New Holland dealerships, where 3823 Test drives have been registered.


In state of Gujarat & U.P. the activation had been initiated with full zest & fervor from 28th Sept., 2011. Both states have registered good response. The 15 dealerships in Gujarat, registered 1342 number of test drive, while, in U.P. 5138 number of test drives under 50 dealerships were noted. And third took care of tele marketing plus lead management. A 30 seater state of the art call center took care of all the inbound and outbound calls.


And forth team was an integrator and propeller which undertook responsibility consolidating, monitoring the reporting, providing support for freebies inventory replenishment, media planning, spearheaded the entire project to minimize the gap between the plan and execution. As a result New Holland Tractors successfully firmed its footing in the target tractor-market and further strengthen its presence and brand-value amongst farmers.


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