Birla Gold Cement’s Rural Campaign in Bihar & UP

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Birla Gold Cement’s Rural Campaign in Bihar & UP

Maihar Cement, one of the B K Birla Group Company, is a renowned name in the cement industry. For its flagship brand Birla Gold, the client wanted to reach to contractors & land-owners in the bustling states of Bihar & UP.

With a mandate to counter the prevailing myth against Birla Gold Cement, we conceptualized an activation with three prong strategy, as,

  1. We needed to project Birla Gold Cement as the one for full hose construction adding real solidness to the ceiling. For the same, a canter was redesigned into the house.
  2. To make people aware about all the major constructions in public domain are done with Birla Gold Cement. An exhibition showcasing this was placed inside the canter.
  3. To ensure long lasting recalls. For this, an innovative engagement was designed.


A mechanical device was to be hit with a hand. It would record the intensity through swing of the needle, which was branded with brand messages.

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